Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Makray's Blessing

We were so excited to bless Makray. It was a busy day with the temple dedication and the blessing, but it worked out really well. We were so glad to see so many friends and family show up. My brother came all the way from Tuscon just to see his first little nephew, we were sad to see him go after such a short visit, but we had a lot of fun. Time goes by so fast, we can't believe that our little boy is two months old.

Fun in the Snow

This weekend we had a lot of family up for Makray's blessing. Michelle's little boys were excited to see all the snow. With Uncle Dave's help they built a huge snow fort. We always have so much fun with our nephews.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Check out little Mak

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Growing Up

Everyday I put Makray down for a nap and when I go in to wake him up, he has gotten a little bigger. Makray is learning to love to play more everyday. He is a super active baby. He likes to play on the ground and try to roll and skoot around. He loves playing with his dad and trying all of David's new scary tricks. He is filling out and getting rounder everyday. He learned how to smile last week and has been full of them ever since. His favorite thing in the world is the television and will yell at it until we turn it on for him. Except for a few really hard nights of screaming he generally sleeps most of the night only waking up once or twice for a snack. We are sad to see his newborn stage leave, but we are having lots fun.

Baby Makray

Little Makray Adam Kennedy finally arrived on December 19th. He weighed in at 7lb 12oz and was 20 inches long. Makray arrived by scheduled c-section because he was upside down and very stuck in Whitney's ribs. We were shocked to see Makray looked identical to David's baby pictures and had lots of brown curls. He looks nothing like Whitney's side of the family, but he is still pretty cute.