Friday, April 23, 2010


Well I am nearly a month behind, and it was a very very busy month. So now that our computer is up and running again, prepare yourselves for a lot of updates.
We went to half a dozen easter egg hunts, all with snow, wind, and rain. But we spent our Easter Weekends and my mom and dads in Burley.
I felt so bad sending Mak out to find his eggs in the snow, but he didn't seem to mind.
Mak and Emmett cleaned up with their Easter Baskets, Mak's favorite was his golf caddy. In our attempt to teach mak both the religious and make believe sides of Easter, he got a little confused, and was just so excited that "Jesus brought him Easter Candy" what can ya do?
Emmett enjoyed easter and had his fair share of candy!
But mostly he just wanted to eat all the eggs.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Our Ice Cold Spring Break

This is what our spring break started out as... pretty crappy huh!!!

Fortunately we visited daves parents who's hot tub kept us toasty warm

This is seriously the first and only picture i have of our entire family looking at the camera.
Mak LOVES to see temples so we stopped at the Rexburg Temple to get a few family pics
I love this picture because it shows our true colors. Emmett is screaming..... Mak is looking for his next act of destruction and sometimes all dave and i can do is, kiss and be thankful we are all alive.
Daddy went on lots of walks and bike rides, despite the frosty weather
Emmett looks appropriately horrified
Emmett still looking appropriately horrified. Mak insists that emmett has every opportunity he does... whether he wants it or not.
What else is there to do on a blustery day then use a diaper box for a sledding device!!
We enjoy making fun of emmett for his extreme weakness, it has taken him several weeks to work up to this kind of strength.
The warmest day barely got over freezing, so we went out to play on the porch