Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

It was Makray's birthday sunday! He turned the BIG 3 and boy do I feel old. He has been waiting a long time for this day, so it was sure exciting.

So this is Mak's Mario cake. He has always loved mario, it took 2 dozen cupcakes.... if anyone wants one please come get some!!!!

Emmett was really excited for all his brothers presents!

Emmett got a pillow pet as well. Thank you grandma Marsha the kids have been dying for a pillow pet for months.
The big thing Mak got was a tool station.... I woke up to the power drill at 7 a.m the next morning and it has hardly rested since.

It was a great day!!!!

These are a Few of my favorite things!!!

Better late than never...at least that's my theory. It was Mak's Bday on Sunday and i am more than a little late. However, I wanted to make sure that I jotted down some of the best parts of Makray's long gone terrific twos.

1. You are practically perfect in every way. You are well behaved. You go to sleep early and wake up late. You eat all your food regardless of what I feed you. You love to play. You love to smile. There is nothing more I could ask for in a little boy.
2. You are my little perfectionist. You spend a good part of your day cleaning and organizing. Your brother terrorizes you by mixing up your bins and dumping out your toys. You sometimes have to hold your breath and ball up your little hands to keep from exploding when your things are in disarray.
3. You started out your twos being pretty shy. You stuck to my side for the most part. Nursery was hard for you. You always told me the babies in there were loud and stinky. But recently you have become a little social butterfly. You say hi to everyone and yell "merry Christmas." You love all your buddies and can't wait for primary.
4. You make me laugh all the time. You come up with the craziest things to say.
5. You love being a big kid. You gave up diapers more than a year ago, and now you are awesome at getting up at night to take yourself potty. It is great to have such a grown up boy.
6. You have the most incredible sense of smell. You can sniff out anything stinky or sweet. Your number one quote is, "Hey i smell something!"
7. You are sweet to everyone. You like to make people happy and take a lot of pride into showing kindness to others. You are always more than willing to give up toys and candy to others.
8.You are my bubble boy. You love having lots of friends, but boy do you hate kisses and hugs. It takes a lot for mommy or daddy to get a kiss from you. You don't like to snuggle you just don't have time for it.
9. You are my little wrestler! Boy do I love having someone to wrestle with. You are pretty tough and you are always yelling "say uncle say uncle!" you usually win!!
10. Best of all you are the greatest brother. You take such good care of Emmett, always watching over him and keeping him safe. You put his needs before yours, you are such an amazing example, I know E will be a good boy just like you because he watches you and the good things you do.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Emmett's Revenge

The warnings you see on these types of containers are no joke, although probably not for this reason. I was glad I wasn't to far away when I heard Mak's muffled cries for help. Look close at what's in the container.....

I walked in to see Emmett's angel smiling face and Mak begging me to get Emmett off.
Now I hate to say it.... but Makray had been asking for this for months. Emmett is always getting hurt when it comes to playing with his brother. Emmett is generally the sweetest little thing, taking Mak's abuse in stride.... but every once in a while he shows a side of pure evil. I don't doubt Emmett had been waiting all day for Mak to climb in, and with a little maneuvering of the lid, and just a little climbing... Mak got his!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend at the Cabin

Well it once again has been far to long since I have updated. I will try to do better... but I say that every week! For conference weekend we all went up to David's parents new cabin! It was tons of fun and so nice to be together as a family, which is so hard to do these days.

They have what they call a ladder, that the spawning fish can swim up and researchers can do... their thing? I guess... anyway it was fun for us. The little boys got their sticks out and life was the greatest.

Anything Mak does... Emmett has to do too!

Even though Emmett isn't quite as good at it....
Emmett made a move for the water every chance he got. It was 80 degrees that day, but I am guessing the water was still pretty cold.

We played on Grandpa's razor every chance we got. Makray loves his rides, no one gets around without him. He rode until he fell asleep... see the movie!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Emmett's Big Birthday

Emmett had the best first Birthday. It was a weekend long celebration, with several parties and a lot of cake and icecream. Nothing is better than summer days spent with friends and grandparents and big boy cousins!!!Good morning birthday boy. I had to throw this picture in... Emmett is the one and only morning person in our family. This is how Dave and I like to wake up in the morning. He is always full of giggles first thing in the morning and loves to snuggle, which helps us morning draggers feel better about our day.

Mak was definetly more excited about the presents than Emmett. We had a little jealousy, but nothing to serious.

I am super proud of this cake, it was huge and used 32 cupcakes. Emmett has loved elmo since he was about three months old. Wherever we go he points out every elmo. I made this cake the day before his party and I had to protect it from my boys with my life. They were so sneaky. Thanks Brit for your vast knowledge and supplies for awesome cakes!!!!
Emmett thought we were a little crazy, but Karly and Mak and of course ME knew just what to do!
This is Mak's good buddy Talissa, they are on a little cupcake date.
Digging in... there was no happier boy there than Emmett... he had three cupcakes in one sitting.

We are still cleaning up red frosting, and they boys are still slightly pink.

Friday, September 17, 2010

10 Things I Love About You

Happy Birthday Emmett
This is him showing off his new trick, that he is ONE!!!
Okay here are my top ten.................

1. You are HUGE. Not fat, not chubby, not rolly. Just Flat out HUGE. My shoulder will no doubt need surgery in 10 years because of your hefty 25 pounds i carry all day. But it is worth it, because you are a horse of a boy, and its a whole lot to love.
2. Along with that, I love your appetite. I am going to have to start measuring your food in take in pounds like a zoo animal. I love to cook for you bud, because no on appreciates it like you do.

3. I love that you like me best. I had to put up with Mak being a daddy's boy for to long. I am proud of my mama loving baby!

4. You are gross, and it may be the most charming thing about you. Little guy, you stink, literally all the time. You are always covered in goo, and you are always letting them rip. You are flat out nasty, and it is so "stinking" adorable.

5. Like your mommy, you appreciate your sleep. It is awesome! You like cat naps, you like long naps, and you are always more than willing to go to bed at 7 oclock.

6. I love that you are such a good brother. You are crazy about Makray! Your third word was Guk, that is what you call Mak. The first thing every morning you want to do, after a good snuggle, is wake up your brother.

7. Like I said up top, you like to snuggle. You are such a physical little kid. You love with kisses, hugs, bonks, and occasionally the loving bite. You love me to hold you and kiss your toes and your fingers. It is a great end to a long day.

8. Sometime it is hard, but I love the fact that you don't do anything until you are ready. You are a little behind in doing everything, but i found the more I push, the harder you fight. When I was trying to get you to crawl, you would lay on your back and growl at me. One day I quit trying, you saw something you wanted, and off you went. So bud.... you walk when you feel good and ready!!!

9. I love your humor. You are such a ham, you love making people laugh. You like to pull funny faces and make crazy noises. Lately you like to crawl with your eyes closed just so people will laugh when you run into the wall. You also think it is hilarious to sneak up on people and bit their toes or legs. You sit back and laugh when they scream

10. What I love the mostest about you is your sweet little spirit. From the moment you were born you have been quiet and reserved. You hate to bother anyone, or make a fuss. You are always pleasant. You are such a joy to have in our home.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Emmett's One Year Pics... well 11 Month Pics

So these are a bit rough... they haven't been edited, but I was excited to post a couple anyway.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For My Brothers

So I had an experience yesterday. Tears and tantrums were running strong, and by lunch time all three of us had had it. At which point Mak was sent to his room for basically sitting on Emmett's head. Mak began the usual five minute time out sitting pushed up against his door bawling. Pretty soon Emmett was banging on the other side of the door and pulling on the handle in an attempt to get Mak out. I was shocked after all Makray had spent the morning picking Emmett to pieces. My best attempts to entertain Emmett and keep him away from Mak's door failed, every time he would head down the hall turn the corner and go straight to Mak's door. He had one thing on his mind and nothing was going to stop him.

Whatever, I figured while they were both otherwise engaged (bawling and banging) I would get some cleaning up done. About a minute and half later I realized the banging had stopped and so had the crying. I headed for Mak's room to see what the lack of commotion was about. This is what I found.

Emmett had reached his fat, little hand under the door, to hold Mak's hand. They sat there long enough for me to grab my camera again, just holding hands. After all the quarrels over peanut-butter sandwiches or the tears over the blue dragon that's missing a wing, these two little brothers still had so much love for each other. Which got me thinking...
Thank you to my brothers for tormenting my boyfriends, calling me names, and pulling my hair. Thank you for teaching me how to throw a ball, gut a fish, and punch like a boy. Thanks for getting me grounded and for taking the blame. Thanks for shooting me with sling shots, marshmallow rifles, potato guns, and air soft pistols. Thanks for carrying me home when I was hurt, slipping me money so I wouldn't lose at monopoly, and cutting me more than my share of the Lawn Mowing money when all I did was sit on the curb and pout. Thanks for going on missions, fulfilling your callings, and being good boys. Love you Ty and P!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Our 4th Celebration

Get ready for an overload of pictures... we had the funnest 4th maybe in history. This year we surpassed our usual Melaleuca Fireworks and opted to visit some family in Salt Lake, and I'm pretty sure we won't ever stick around Idaho Falls again, we had so much fun.
Mak and E are lucky enough to have some of the BEST big boy cousins in the world, these are 9 of his most favorite people and they were all there except one, WE MISSED YOU CANNON
We went to a little canyon just outside of Salt Lake.... it was so beautiful
The only picture we got with everyone looking. (and not crying)
My sister in laws and mother in law (i'm the blonde one haha) Everyone has complaints about their in-laws, but i don't have any about these three. I always wanted awesome sister-in-laws and these two are as good as they get. We had so much fun shopping and playing with our boys.
I'm a little bit in love with the bond my little boys are already forming. Yes and that IS the worlds biggest marshmallow.
Emmett showing off, I was dreading the day when emmett learned that daddy is just so much fun, and I would get bumped from being the center of his world... that day is here.
This is Nixon showing off his rock collection and Mak, equally proud of his candy collection.

My recipe for the perfect 4th, lots of little boys, good food, and plenty of fire!!!
Snapits rock Mak's world.

This picture pretty well sums up our weekend, just look at mak's face when the first fire work went off.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hooray for US!!!

TODAY is our Anniversary. We have been married for FOUR years, and i just can't believe it. It has been my greatest adventure, and I've loved almost every minute of it. Today is a day that I can do nothing but smile at the joys I have in my life. Four years ago I married the best man a girl could ask for and our ending result is........
two more of the best little men I could ask for.......

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

What a great weekend. We spent a few days in Burley because my brother's little family came to visit. We had such a blast with 3 little boys under the age of three. It was great to see them.
We got to swim at the hotel.

Mak is a pretty awesome swimmer with his little floaties.
Later we went up to Island Park again, to get in on opening day fishing.

Everyone say fishy!Mak was excited and patient on his first fishing trip. He sat and waited and waited for his fish. A friend invited us to go out on their boat, it was really hard persuading Mak to leave his post, but after we promised him a fish on the boat he relented.

Fishing in style on a big BIG ocean boat.
4 hours on the boat... it is getting a little hard to wait for our fish.
Got one at last.