Monday, October 19, 2009

Papa's Pumpkins

My dad worked very hard to grow mak some pumpkins this year, he brought one for mak and one for emmett. They have sat in our garage for a couple weeks and mak hugs them and admires them daily. I have been telling him we would carve them up, so today for family night we got to it.

Mak kept licking the top and eating chunks of the inside i dont really know why

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday David

This is a shout out to Dave who turned 26 today. Like always he is working hard at school preparing for a big test. So today i am just grateful for him, he is the greatest guy. He is such a hard worker and a great provider for our little family. I am so proud of his accomplishments and I know i give him a hard time about spending so much time at school, but i am glad he is a great student. He is the funnest person alive, mak and i literally hang on to his legs every morning begging him not to leave for the day. We just love being around him. Most important david is the greatest father ever. His boys adore him and they are lucky to have him as a Daddy!!!! happy happy birthday dave!

just a cute pic of my little boys(Mak still has fever rash)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Thin Line Between Life and Death

I often wonder what is going through emmetts mind in these situations, and trust me he has a lot of near death experiences. Makray loves his brother even more than hot dogs and thats saying something. Since Makray is still in a crib, emmett is stuck in a pack play next to the twin sized bed makray should be sleeping in. This has turned out to not be the safest set up.Makray loves his brother so much he constantly has to kiss him and hug him, and when he does Mak gets so excited he gets the shakes and grinds his teeth, a large part of me thinks holy crap he is going to pop emmetts head off, but emmett doesn't seem to mind to much, so i allow his violent acts of love.

Please note that in this picture both of Mak's feet are off the ground, and he is balancing on the not so stable arm of emmetts bed.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not so Good

Well we are all sick. Super sick and it is the pits. It has truly been the longest few days of my life, and nothing is worse than watching a little boy be so sick. We have been confined to our house on recommendation from the doctors considering the probability that it is Swine Flu. it is kind of scary and we are praying hard that emmett doesn't catch it. Not to worry we are on the up side of it and i am sure will be feeling great soon. In the meantime here are some pictures of us on the mend.
With everyones fevers down close to the norm... We are no longer delirious YEAH!!!
I have never seen this kid lay around all day... but 104 degree fever really does it to ya.
A picture of emmett's hair because he will lose it in the next few weeks, and i will miss it
When i think of Gods tender mercies emmett has to fit the catagory while we all layed around or took care of a very very sick little boy, emmett, sat and watched and didnt ask for much
I am so thankful that we are feeling better and hope that we can be back to normal and out in the fresh air soon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

How We are Doing

Well with a new tiny one we have been up to basically nothing. So these are pictures of us doing nothing.... Mak still is crazy about emmett. He just wants to squeeze him so tight all the time and he wants emmett to do everything he does. He never fails to try and sneak emmett treats when i am not looking, at just short of three weeks emmett has tasted his share of star bursts. Fortunately emmett is still a miracle baby and takes it like a champ. He just sits and lets mak smother him, sing/scream two inches away from his face, and give him endless high fives. It is so fun having two, they are both the silliest little boys and i love it.
Emmett loves his swing, which is nice because Mak can't really lay on him when he is safely strapped in.
Emmett is still so tiny but is growing fast.
Watching the beloved Backyardigans.
Every morning me and my little boys snuggle in bed, emmett enjoys it the least.