Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Once again we are up to nothing but enjoying this beautiful weather.  We are just loving what still seems like a new life for us.  David had a basketball tournament, so Mak and Emmett were so excited to have some of their favorite basketball dads for a sleep over and then we finished the weekend off with a great bbq with friends we are really going to miss!

 It got up to 83 degrees yesterday and so what did we do???  Got out our water slide.  This is truly unheard of for an Idaho April, but we are anticipating our true spring weather to return soon... so in the mean time we soaked up some serious sun!!!

 Violet enjoyed this even less than it appears haha!!!
On another note.  Violet had another checkup and hearing screening.  The good news is she is growing like crazy and as healthy as they come, she is up to 14 lbs and in the 8th percentile.  Her screening test didn't go great.  She didn't quite pass, which makes me nervous considering this is around the same age Emmett started having problems, but she had a cold which can really make a difference with your hearing so we will try again next week and hope for better!!!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012


We went to Burley Saturday morning for our annual picnic and hot dog roast. We started out by dying eggs... the boys didn't have a lot of patience for letting them sit in the dye.. so this years eggs were a fabulous array of pastels. They did them all by themselves though.. so i was very proud.

We went to Walcott Park for our picnic and really lucked out, the weather was WONDERFUL and no one was really there. So we threw rocks in the lake, and fed geese, and ran around!
All my boys bringing in the firewood!
The beautiful lake! Papa, Makray, and Emmett all being chased by the dog!!!
Mak eyed these monster sized Marshmallows at the store! He was very proud to cook them up all by himself!

Violet found a new best friend!


Mak was so fast this is seriously the only picture I got of him looking for eggs. It was serious business!
Time for CAKE!!!
Violet didn't know what was going on and slept through most of the activities.... but she was really happy about the cake haha!
This is the best picture I could get of the kids in their cute clothes... you work so hard to have everything ironed and sewn and perfect and then you get home from church and all they can do is rip off their clothes and beg for candy HAHAHA. At least their "look" happy!!
Happy Easter everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Looking Good!!!

David surprised the boys last week by sneaking home from work and taking them to a little building class at Lowes! Really the treat was all mine... (a little free time). But the boys had a blast with daddy. They made little black boards and came home sporting these awesome aprons and goggles!!!
I had to throw this one in because lets face it... little boys loving each other is both adorable and rare!
Emmett will some day hate me for this... however i can't resist. One day I walked past my closet and could here Emmett singing. I peaked in to find him wearing my favorite red heals... singing "I LOVE MY RED SHOES, I LOVE MY RED SHOES!" I hadn't realized anyone had caught me doing that... hahaha just kidding. The superman cape is something he sports constantly and the HULK underwear really topped off the outfit!!!
And last but not least is miss violet!!! Enjoying a little licorice!!! She is just so pretty!

You will have to tilt your head to watch this... but it is pretty cute!