Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring is Here

Like everyone, I'm sure, we are loving this warm weather. It was so depressing to sit in the apartment and watch the snow pile up. Makray loves being outside, he cries when we come back in. I love being able to sit outside and show him new things. He loves the sun so much that he is willing to face the wind and hold his breath. We recently got a new jogger, with all the bells and whistles, and there is nothing better than going on a jog to the park or walking to the temple. Behind our house we have a duck pond, there are hundreds of ducks there just waiting for people to feed them. At first I was pretty scared of the ducks, they kind of just swarm around you, and sometimes get mixed up between bread and my toes. Just as I was getting used to the ducks, Makray and I met the geese. We were in the park happily feeding the ducks when out of no where three geese pop up! They were HUGE, and worse than huge they were mean. They started biting the ducks and pulling out there feathers. Makray immediately started whining and his eyes were huge, I was being the brave mother, telling him "it's ok," when I really wanted to take off running and leave Makray and the stroller to the geese. They came right up to us and were biting at the bag of bread, finally I couldn't take any more so I threw the bag as far as I could and we took of running with the geese chasing us all the way.This is where I began to get a little uneasy!
These are just some random pictures of Makray with his onsie on his head, they make me laugh so I thought I would post them. He is so big and is so much fun I just love him to pieces.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Something to Brighten Your Day

Leaving Rexburg!

It has been so long since I have updated our blog, probably because we never do anything interesting! The latest and greatest news is David got accepted to Pharmacy school at ISU. We are so excited, things could not have worked out better. We are sad to be leaving Rexburg in July, but really excited to see what Pocatelo has to offer. We have spent the break between semesters shopping for houses. It is so scary to think that soon we will have the pressure of owning our house. I like our tiny little apartment and staying debt free, but I guess we have to grow up. Makray is getting so big! He had his four month checkup yesterday and shots (boooo). He his such a fun little boy. I live for the moments of unstoppable giggles and messy food faces. He has become pretty dramatic, he mostly has happy highs, but he has an amazing temper. Turns out he does have some of me in him. He gets furious if he is removed from the bath to soon, if we don't offer him some of whatever we are eating, or if he has the wrong toy. But fortunately there are more big smiles than whines of protest.

The Many Moods of my Baby

"Is that ice-cream you are eating...and where is mine?"

Extreme Happiness

"That ice cream was the best!"


"I am wearing this stupid hat and you are eating ice-cream!"


"Please, please can I have some of your ice-cream?"

Friday, April 18, 2008

Conference Weekend

We went to Island Park for conference weekend. We were excited for the break, we expected a little bit of snow, of course, but when we got there we quickly learned that spring was more behind there than in Rexburg.

We spent our time indoors playing games and eating licorice.

For Easter my family came to visit! It was a lot of fun. My parents came as well as my brother Preston and his new fiancee. (Whom we like a lot, and pray that she can put up with Preston for a very long time.) It makes me laugh to think my parents are grandparents. Here is Grandpa Clyde, I told him to feed the baby, next thing I know they are both snoring!