Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Good Days and Bad

Makray has been really busy lately. Last Tuesday I was coming down the stairs and watched him attempt to jump rope his sisters blanket, his feet went out from under him and I heard a SPLAT! He wasn't really crying and I figured he was ok, I told him to lay down on the couch and I would check him in a minute. I got sissy's blanket and went upstairs to put her to bed. When I came back down, Mak seemed pretty calm and I asked if he was ok...that's when I saw blood dripping down my couch. I flipped him over... and there was his chin BONE. He had split his chin WIDE OPEN. So after I gave myself the WORST MOTHER OF THE YEAR award, we ran to the emergency room.

Ten stitches later... he was feeling pretty good.  He was such a trooper.  He was calm the entire time, and held my hand while they sewed him up.  He was really surprised when they were threw that the Doctor used a fish hook to sew him up hahaha.
Also Makray got to go to his first day of preschool this week. (stitches and all)  He has been so so excited for so long, he felt like this day would never come.  His daddy got him a brand new Batman backpack so he will surely be the coolest kid in class.
He did WAY better than mom.  He went in and found his cubby and was relieved that someone is FINALLY going to trust him with some scissors.
Makray grew up over night, and I was truly surprised how horrible it felt. 

Violet's First Birthday

Violet turned 1 last week.  It is so hard to believe she is all grown up.  Well alright she isn't grown up at all... she is still just our cuddly little baby who has no desire what so ever to grow up, she still prefers to be packed around like an infant which is fine with me.

She has come a really long way from the tiny little preemie who couldn't breath on her own

Violet's baby doll.  Violet loves babies, real or pretend. 

A few things about our one year old.
-She is very very very sassy!  She makes me a little insane, she loves attention and is furious if anyone else is getting some.  She knows what she wants and will figure out how to get it.  Usually by screaming.  She is very flirty and quite the charmer.
-She is a champ when it comes to eating.  She has quickly moved from the 1st percentile to almost average.
-She loves her Mak Mak.  They continue to be close buddies... and when she is really upset with mom (which is regularly) she always pouts to Makray.
- She has no desire to walk... she will just pick her feet off the ground when you try.
-She says mama, dada, kitty kitty, doggy, cheese, Mak Mak, baby, num num, her most favorite MINE!!!!
- She is beautiful and perfect in every way and she rules our household.  (while i pull out my hair)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fair Time

It's fair time once again, we were lucky enough to visit twice!!! Whoohoo!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Sun

We have been spending a lot of time enjoying the summer sun! I forget how much fun you can have in the summer time when you aren't hugely pregnant. hahaha. We have had lot of fun times at the water park and rigby lake.

This is Mak climbing the rock wall... we are so proud of him he is so brave!!!

We get along so well at the water park hahahahaha!!!
Emmett took a while to get on the slide.  When we first arrived he went racing across the park and climbed the slide... but before he could go down, the giant bucket of water dumped right on his head... so it took him about 45 min. to work up to it again, but once he did we couldn't get him off!

If you know Makray, you know he is a little fish!  No fear!
Sissy loves the water park, she is more than happy to splash all day!
So this is a horrible picture of all of us... but seriously, when does mommy ever get to be in a pic with ALL the kids... so i love it!!!
Don't you wish you knew what he was sayin.... trust me you don't want to know!
We have spent a lot of time with my good friend Taryn and her girls, my boys and her Brylee are in the background, and that is Taycee with the stylin goggles!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dave's Big Day

So often you hear things like "the day you marry will be the greatest day of your life." I have to say I disagree... and though that day is high up on the greatest and most important days of my life... over the past 6 years I have come to find that there have been many many days equal to it. Today was a simple ceremony and a gathering of friends and is really just a short sum up of the past four years, and yet it was one of the greatest and proudest moments of my life. There are no words that can describe how proud of David I am. The work and time he has put into his doctorate degree has been incredible, the sacrifices he has taken for his family have been even greater. In the four years of our time spent in Pocatello we have completed our family with two more little babies, watched Makray grow into a very competent preschooler, helped Emmett fight and conquer his hearing and speech problems, spent dozens of nights in the hospital with  a very sick and premature newborn battling immature lungs.  We have had broken arms, RSV twice, pnemonia, crupe, ruptrured ear drums, ear tubes, deviated septums, and lots and lots of premmie problems, and lets face it I was pregnant, puking and contracting for more than half of the four years.  We have had countless sleepless nights, up with babies, studying for tests, and going over and over a budget that every month just barely made it. We have replaced a garage door, landscaped a backyard, sanded and painted over a graffitied fence not once but twice. We have lost three very loved grandparents and watched more than half a dozen new beautiful cousins come into the world. I have watched David pass up good choices, for better ones. I have watched him work longer and extra hours to keep us out of debt. I have watched him leave before anyone was awake and get home after everyone had gone to sleep, and after this had gone on for several days at a time, i would watch David sneak in to kneel at the beds of our sleeping children, just to spend a few moments with them. David has protected and provided for us in every way he possibly could and today I had the privilege of watching him walk across the stage and be hooded as a Doctor of Pharmacy. All the wives huddled together and cried tears of joy and relief that this exciting new step is before us. This day wouldn't have been complete with out our friends and family who have supported us. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!


Addelyn (cousin)  Violet and brand new Taythen (second cousin)
Violet loved the little babies... it was a little bit shocking, she rubbed and rubbed Taythens head.
Mak was really really excited and proud of his daddy!  He kepts saying "No more school for daddy boy!"  This is all Mak has known... the other two won't likely remember our school days!
Have you ever seen a happier family... I think NOT!