Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brother Buddies

Mak wakes up emmett every morning and they play in his crib while i make breakfast(cereal)

This is Maks "boat" emmett isnt a huge fan but he plays along
and everyday emmett wakes mak up from his nap, yes i put him down with a dirty face haha
Just a cute pic of my fat little boy.

The boys rarely get upset with each other, BUT this is the fish game. Mak got it for christmas and loves it, unfortunately emmett loves it too. When ever we get it out i set emmett a ways away so he can still watch. but he always manages to scootch up to it and grab it, which stops the fish from moving and causes serious contention in our home hahaha.

little stinker
and last of all. Makray all his life has had a favorite blanket. It is dingy and old and worst of all he sucks on the edges. He usually only does this when he sleeps, but yesterday i walked in to see both my boys laying in MY bed sucking on the corners of both their favorite blankies.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grandpa Comes for the Weekend

Every year my dad officiates at the Simplot Games.... so lucky us he came to stay for a few days. My dad is maks number one pal, so obviously he was pretty pumped. We spent the whole weekend at the Holt Arena and despite the lack of naps we had a blast.Mak hanging out with papa. Mak got to meet a few former Olympic gold medalists and he now speaks of them by name like they are best buds. He wondered when they were coming over. sorry mak.
My dad participated in the coach's race, he got third. I was bragging about how fast I can run a mile then I watched my 53 year old father kill a mile in 5 min 19 seconds. Mak is fast too.
This picture is a good example of how tired they were, our second day, 7 hours in, no naps to speak of and chalk full of Clearance Valentine Candy. haha
Emmett being the goober that he is. haha
If any of you were curious.... yes big E is actually really big now. He gained 5 pounds in three weeks and is now a swarthy 16 pounder. (notice the triple chin)
with two kids it is impossible to get a shot where both children are looking and neither parent is crying or is it both parents are looking and neither child is crying... anyway
Emmett learning to be a dare devil like his brother
Emmett and Mak in their official Simplot Gear
My boys are big time wrestlers.
My little stinkers just keep growing. Emmett is already scootching around a little and sitting up on his own (for the most part). Mak is full of two year old stuff, some good some bad. But he never fails to make me laugh, he is such a smart little kid he amazes me everyday.

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Blog

Hey everyone... i just launched a new blog. Its called mommy makings. It is just a bunch of recipes and fun projects for everyone to share. So check it out. It isnt anything amazing but there are a few worth while things on there. My recipes are always pretty basic and my projects always doable and useful. (i think anyway) So check it out. I hope to update it with new fun stuff at least once a week, i have a button for it on the side of my blog!!!! THANKS

Friday, February 5, 2010

These are the Times of our Lives

Just some more fun times at the kennedy house.
So makray is by far the most skilled at the ipod touch. He always says "gimme the ipod mom. i fix it" Emmett loves to be with his brother, now that he is a bit stronger he can fend for himself a better and spends most of his time hanging out with mak
We think they might be related hahah.
Who doesnt love pudding this much?
I love this little guy in the morning... this is what i get to wake up to

Daddy isnt home much but when he is we sure have fun.
Mak has been on this kick, he gets books and papers and sits down and "reads" out loud to us. This was a very interesting piece of literature
Just ten more minutes mom
Me and the boys are not morning people, we prefer to roll out of bed well after dad gets up, so it takes us a while to get going, so we spend most of the morning goofing off.
Guitar hero... i let mak borrow my guitar. hes not bad
even emmett got into it a little.
We got out the bouncer which didnt make me happy at first, a. it means emmett is getting big, b. the bouncer is huge and clutters my house. But after emmett squealed and jumped in it for most of the day i fell in love with it.
AND GREAT NEWS!!!!! Emmett had another check up and he gained another 2 pounds in 1o days. He is now in the 53% for weight and 73% for height. HE ISN'T WEASILY ANYMORE!!! They also began weighing him according to his actual age rather than his premie age.... so pretty pumped about it.