Thursday, December 18, 2008


Wow I have really abandoned our blog lately.... but I am happy to say we are BACK!!! Mak's birthday is actually tomorrow the 19th but David had to work so we celebrated it early. Mak actually had a birthday party last week at Grandma and Grandpa's (tractor themed of course). But he really enjoyed both parties. Sorry for the picture overload..... it was a fun Day.Mak got to play with all of dad's fun hunting stuff including his head lamp... that has nothing to do with his birthday but it's cute.

He had a fantastic meal.... obviously by the on his face.
and then came the cake.............and then the whipped cream.....
and later some bells and whistles to.....after that Mak seriously needed a bath !I SWORE on Mak's birthday I would do something about his hair. His curls were beginning to hang well over his shirt collar and it was out of control as you can see.... so with a few tears from ME.... his curls came off!Mak was surprisingly patient!!! I didn't get a very good after so i will post one later.

Ignore the singing I realize it isn't attratctive... but little Makray never fails to really get into a good song.