Thursday, December 18, 2008


Wow I have really abandoned our blog lately.... but I am happy to say we are BACK!!! Mak's birthday is actually tomorrow the 19th but David had to work so we celebrated it early. Mak actually had a birthday party last week at Grandma and Grandpa's (tractor themed of course). But he really enjoyed both parties. Sorry for the picture overload..... it was a fun Day.Mak got to play with all of dad's fun hunting stuff including his head lamp... that has nothing to do with his birthday but it's cute.

He had a fantastic meal.... obviously by the on his face.
and then came the cake.............and then the whipped cream.....
and later some bells and whistles to.....after that Mak seriously needed a bath !I SWORE on Mak's birthday I would do something about his hair. His curls were beginning to hang well over his shirt collar and it was out of control as you can see.... so with a few tears from ME.... his curls came off!Mak was surprisingly patient!!! I didn't get a very good after so i will post one later.

Ignore the singing I realize it isn't attratctive... but little Makray never fails to really get into a good song.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween was a blast!!! Makray had so much fun. We went to a few parties through out the week, each one we filled up on fun and candy. This may be Makrays new found fave holiday. At every party his eyes light right up when he saw the endless sweets. Makray was totally in love with his costume, he wore it every chance he got, he was a skunk, I was a bunny, and David was the hunter. We had so much fun and can't wait for next year.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Ten Month Pics

Since Mak's pumpkin pictures were SO cute we decided to go get some more..... so here are a couple more cuties if i do say so myself

These pictures make Makray look so sweet and innocent.......... which is not Mak in real life here is what the real Mak does on the side.

This is Makray at his best....... He has all he wants out of life.... fried chicken. mashed potatos, cole slaw, a few good and plenties, and two liters of dr. pepper. He is happy.... he has enough to eat.
This is what Mak does when he hasn't gotten all he wants and enough to eat........ he goes potty in grandmas crock pot.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ten Months!!!

Wow a whole month gone and NO posts. Well not a lot has happened.... We are love loving Pocatello and our new home, neighbors, ward, and school. We are even loving this new weather. Makray is now TEN months and I just can't believe it. He is starting to walk a bit, he has wanted to try for a long time and every time he has stood up I have plopped him back down. He is such a busy boy I wasn't encouraging him to walk, but now that he has hit the ten month mark I decided I would let him learn. I imagine he will pick it up in the next few weeks, or at least I hope it takes that long, I am scared that I will get him out of bed from his nap and he will just run off. Mak and I visited Burley for almost a week and had a blast. Makray's very best bud is Grandpa and Grandpa's dog. It kind of hurt my feelings a bit, because Makray just didn't want to do anything unless it was with grandpa. But while they were playing me and my mom managed to shop, visit friends, clean and catch my favorite ballet. We also managed to get Mak's ten month pics too........... so here ya go!!!

The toilet is Mak's fave.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Introducing.... MAK the MISCHIEVIOUS

To say the least.... little Makray is all over the place. Mak is always climbing, biting, opening, or destroying something new, so for a couple of days I kept our camera with me at all times so I could catch some of his disasters. DISCLAIMER: some of the pictures are a little fuzzy, that is because I often have to take the picture and catch him at the same time. ALSO there are a couple nudies in here, so consider yourself warned! It all started with the stairs. Makray mastered the stairs a few months ago.... I would have never imagined what it would turn into.

Makray can just about get into his own crib.... He gets one toe up and then loses his balance... fortunately he has no idea that it would be easier getting out.

I thought it was irritating that he opened the bottom drawer and pulled everything out.... until he opened the bottom drawer climbed in and pulled everything out of the top drawer.
This is truly my least favorite trick, I will be doing the dishes turn around, and he has his hand stuck in the rack trying to pull out a sippy cup. Notice he is standing on the dishwasher drawer... that trick Daddy hates. Makray REALLY loves his Baby Einstein movies.. apparently animals in the Jungle is his FAVE.

Mak loves to crawl into the bathtub. Isn't it ironic that the one picture he is fully dressed in is the one picture it would be ok if he wasnt.

As you can see Makray keeps me on my toes. I am sad to see that he is leaving his crawling stage and headed straight for walking. A few days ago he realized he could stand with out the support of furniture or human legs. He was as surprised as I was when he let go of the couch and didnt fall down.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


David being gone for the weekend... ugh. I was delighted to hear that my dad wanted to come up and take Mak and I to the Eastern Idaho State fair. You see I love fairs... and more than that I was tired. Makray, that morning alone, had shimmied out of his jammies and pottied all over his crib, jimmy rigged the fridge open and pulled everything out including a Tupperware or raviolis (and ate it), ate gel while i was fixing his hair, and scaled the toilet and pulled out all the toilet paper. I know it sounds like I one of those moms..... but I swear I watch him every second of the day that am not cleaning up one of his messes. ANYWAY. We went to fair. We saw horse races, demolition derbies, and every animal you can think. Makray loved every minute of it. His fave were the goats. He made especially good friends with a big fat goat that had gotten its head stuck through the fence. The goat nibbled Mak's toes and let him stick his fingers in his nose.

At the end of the day Makray had eaten two dozen tater tots, 3 sippy cups of Dr. Pepper, and half a bag of licorice. Maybe I am one of those moms. He was filthy and stinky and his hair was a poof of curls, but he was the happiest little boy at the fair. This is Makray's little friend they loved each other, I loved sanitizing wipes.

This was a very big cow!!!

Makray and Grandpa are the best of friends.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yes!!! We are finally here and I have to admit the ride wasn't pleasant. We began the week not knowing if we had a place to move or not. This gave me severe heartburn. First we had the house then we didn't then we did then we didnt. Then we did, but couldn't move for a few more weeks. Then we lost it all together again. This is how it went up until Wednsday night.... when after many tears and stomach aches, and not knowing where we were going to live or what we were going to do.... We finally got the ok to move in! So Thursday and Friday Makray and I packed the house and cleaned. I say Mak and I because David.... happened to have orientation in Pocatello those two days and couldn't help. So it was just me packing and Mak unpacking and destroying. Because of the hectic days prior... I had a migrane that lasted three days. So we packed in the dark with no tv or music. Poor mak... at one point I laid on the kitchen floor and listened to Mak shredding paper (probably important documents) and bang his sippy cup on the wall. We packed and made trips late into the night clear into the early mornings. FORTUNATLLY I have a wonderful mother-in-law. Who rescued me!!! Through David's many parties and events, through trucks breaking down, through school starting in the middle of it. We managed.... and my migrane did finally go away and we again use light. Thanks to Ainslee and Paul.... who must have sensed we were completely without help and stopped by, and Tyson and his freakish strength. We are now happily in our lovely home. Makray is in love with all the extra space, I am in love with my new washer and dryer, and David is enjoying school. PICS SOON!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Because Makray is constantly coming up with something new....... here are a few!


1. Baby food jars do actually break. Grocery people please don't bag all 100 jars into one bag.... it is unpleasant when the bag breaks and the jars and FOOD shatter everywhere.

2. While at my in-laws I left Makray happily watching Elmo and ran up the stairs to switch laundry loads, I came back to find Makray sitting at the top of the stairs...... WOW who knew he could figure out stairs in thirty seconds.

3. One night after I put Makray to bed I heard this HORRIBLE banging noise coming from Makrays room, I peaked in to find him STANDING UP in his crib shaking the sides hard enough that the crib was rocking and hitting the wall.

4. As I got use to the CRIB shaking ritual every nap and bedtime..... I recently heard a new noise... I peaked in to find Makray literally swinging from his mobile. After he got it ripped from thin air.... he ate it.

5. I walked into the living room to find Makray pulled up to the couch standing with one foot on top of the wipes box and the other foot swung up on top of the couch..... CLIMBING??? seriously? Am I totally losing it or did he manage to scoot the box of wipes over there too?

6. To go with my sixth shocker I think it is appropriate to mention that Makray has six teeth.

7. While cooking dinner Makray managed to pull a ten pound bag of pancake mix out of the cupboard, it exploded everywhere.... he then spit up into it and began squealing and hitting the floor making a nice sticky dough...... all before I could pick him up.

In conclusion.... Makray is keeping me busy. He destroys everything....I was so excited when he learned to crawl and am now devastated because it seems as though he is already bored of it and is trying to learn to walk. oh well at least he is happy!

Here are a couple of Maks 7th month pictures..... (rough drafts)

This one is my FAVE.... I think it brings out some Makrays best features!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ok I got tagged like a month ago... and I should be blogging about David's graduation BUT I don't have the pictures yet and what is a blog without pictures so HERE IT GOES!!!

1. Makray
.... this is rather broad... but I love so much about my little boy I couldn't narrow it down. I love watching him grow, I love watching him attack his food with all his strength, I love watching him destroy everything in my house and I love watching him find new corners of his world (aka of our apartment.)
2. Being with David. It doesn't matter what we are doing I love being with Dave. He is the funniest person I know, and i love just being when i am with him.
3. My family. I adore being with my family. Dave's or Mine. I love playing games, watching movies or just talking. I could never have imagined the joy my family would bring to me.

Makrays joys include dum'dums
3 Fears
1. Being a bad mom/wife.
I think this is a constant struggle for every wife and mother so enough said.
2. Snakes.... i am not a big fan. When i was little my brothers shopped a snakes head off and it still snapped, and one time my dad turned over the sheep trough and like a million snakes came slithering towards me and I ran as fast as my four year old little legs would carry me. I thought I was over this fear, then I stepped on one at the nature park and I still got the same body convulsing shivers.
3. Pilgrims...... I know this is a weird one..... BUT I have always been afraid of them. Not the Mayflower Indian greeting Pilgrims per say... But the witch-hunting deranged Pilgrims. I was always sure that if i had lived at that time i would have been drowned immediately. I am not joking about this one either.... i really HATE Pilgrims.

3 Goals
This one is really good, because lately I have been doing a goal a week thing so I have plenty.
But they are small and pathetic..... just as a disclaimer .

1. To bed by 11 and up by 7. David and I have this really bad habit of staying up until two o'clock in the morning watching Office/Seinfeld episodes. Makray doesn't get up until like 9:30 so I also have a bad habit of not getting up until he does.... I know I am truly pathetic.

2. Run three miles every morning.

3. No soda, fast food, or candy......OREOS are acceptable

3 Obsessions
1. Blogging
(obviously) Yes I am embarrassed to admit it....... BUT I love to blog
2. Biggest Loser
3.Plucking my eyebrows

3 Random Facts
1. To go with the eyebrow obsession
.... If i was not obsessed with plucking my eyebrows..... I would have a uni brow...Thanks for passing that one down grandpa!!!!
2. I sleep walk/talk. This one is really awful. I do it several times a week and for sometimes several hours at a time. I have taken showers, eaten, watched tv, you name it I have done it. I am so sorry David and I love you for the lack of sleep you get each week.
3. I am unbelievably afraid of the Disney Cartoon of the Headless Horseman. It all started on a very long and terrible Halloween night when I was six..... there are a lot of details that I don't have time to write, but after that night me AND the dog slept with my parents for weeks, and when ever I even hear the music to that movie my stomach turns.

3 people I tag
1. Shantay... because you don't blog enough
2. Savannah....because I miss you
3. Nicole..... because I know I can count on you to do this

Anyway... Mak updates
Makray is a PRO at crawling he is all over the house opening cupboards and tipping over garbage cans. Also it makes me horribley sad and frightened but he has started pulling himself up to everything he can which means lots of bonked heads. He has learned to clap and wave bye bye. His new favorite is clearing his throat whenever we do and fake laughing. He fake laughs which makes him laugh for real, it is hilarious. He loves splashing in the water and being dunked no matter how cold, he is currently cutting his top four teeth all at once which is way unpleasant for the both of us and seems to never end, but he is toughin it out!!!! Graduation pics coming SOON!!!