Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Emmett's Revenge

The warnings you see on these types of containers are no joke, although probably not for this reason. I was glad I wasn't to far away when I heard Mak's muffled cries for help. Look close at what's in the container.....

I walked in to see Emmett's angel smiling face and Mak begging me to get Emmett off.
Now I hate to say it.... but Makray had been asking for this for months. Emmett is always getting hurt when it comes to playing with his brother. Emmett is generally the sweetest little thing, taking Mak's abuse in stride.... but every once in a while he shows a side of pure evil. I don't doubt Emmett had been waiting all day for Mak to climb in, and with a little maneuvering of the lid, and just a little climbing... Mak got his!