Monday, January 5, 2009


This is something new Makray learned today..... let us make it clear that Makray did not learn how to do this from experience HAHA. Mak loves babies and will rock anything that resembles one... so tonight when he was rocking his cousin's poo bear, I showed him how to spank a babies bum.... now that is all he will do.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas and New Years

Wow so busy busy busy.... but so much fun..... we have spent the entire holiday bouncing from Idaho Falls to Burley. We have had a lot of good times but are excited to be going home to the norm soon. Makray loved Christmas which we spent in Burley, he fell in love with his two uncles and their wives. For New Years we came to Rigby to play. We got to hang out with six of Mak's cousins, making a house full of seven little boys. Enjoy the pics.

Robison Christmas Party

Makray loved Santa from a distance, but wasn't so excited when he got up close.

Christmas eve with Papa and Soshie.

Elmo Live YAHOO!

Bounce and spin pony was probably one of the faves. Mak bounced the crap out of it.

Cool elephant slippers from santa!One of our favorite presents was DDR and Guitar Hero
Eating at our favorite restaurants in Rupert... behind Mak they are selling cow hoofs, pig ears, chicken gizards you name it they have it.... we stuck with the tacos.
For New Years we made our way back to Rigby... Mak loves shooting hoops just like dad.

Watching the snow pile upMakray quickly picked a favorite cousin... Carter and Makray were inseparable THANKS CARTER for all the free time you gave me. Makray has always been a daredevil but he is almost to scary to be with in the hot tub. He loves being thrown in, and dunked, jumping off the side or eating snow balls all in the tub. Yahoo for sledding behind Uncle Troy's truck
Mak and Nixon aka Iron ManHolding on tight!!!
Mak and Mom
Frozen Caden Kisses

Me and Dave Hanging on for dear life....... we actually walked away with just a little road rash