Sunday, September 14, 2008

Introducing.... MAK the MISCHIEVIOUS

To say the least.... little Makray is all over the place. Mak is always climbing, biting, opening, or destroying something new, so for a couple of days I kept our camera with me at all times so I could catch some of his disasters. DISCLAIMER: some of the pictures are a little fuzzy, that is because I often have to take the picture and catch him at the same time. ALSO there are a couple nudies in here, so consider yourself warned! It all started with the stairs. Makray mastered the stairs a few months ago.... I would have never imagined what it would turn into.

Makray can just about get into his own crib.... He gets one toe up and then loses his balance... fortunately he has no idea that it would be easier getting out.

I thought it was irritating that he opened the bottom drawer and pulled everything out.... until he opened the bottom drawer climbed in and pulled everything out of the top drawer.
This is truly my least favorite trick, I will be doing the dishes turn around, and he has his hand stuck in the rack trying to pull out a sippy cup. Notice he is standing on the dishwasher drawer... that trick Daddy hates. Makray REALLY loves his Baby Einstein movies.. apparently animals in the Jungle is his FAVE.

Mak loves to crawl into the bathtub. Isn't it ironic that the one picture he is fully dressed in is the one picture it would be ok if he wasnt.

As you can see Makray keeps me on my toes. I am sad to see that he is leaving his crawling stage and headed straight for walking. A few days ago he realized he could stand with out the support of furniture or human legs. He was as surprised as I was when he let go of the couch and didnt fall down.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


David being gone for the weekend... ugh. I was delighted to hear that my dad wanted to come up and take Mak and I to the Eastern Idaho State fair. You see I love fairs... and more than that I was tired. Makray, that morning alone, had shimmied out of his jammies and pottied all over his crib, jimmy rigged the fridge open and pulled everything out including a Tupperware or raviolis (and ate it), ate gel while i was fixing his hair, and scaled the toilet and pulled out all the toilet paper. I know it sounds like I one of those moms..... but I swear I watch him every second of the day that am not cleaning up one of his messes. ANYWAY. We went to fair. We saw horse races, demolition derbies, and every animal you can think. Makray loved every minute of it. His fave were the goats. He made especially good friends with a big fat goat that had gotten its head stuck through the fence. The goat nibbled Mak's toes and let him stick his fingers in his nose.

At the end of the day Makray had eaten two dozen tater tots, 3 sippy cups of Dr. Pepper, and half a bag of licorice. Maybe I am one of those moms. He was filthy and stinky and his hair was a poof of curls, but he was the happiest little boy at the fair. This is Makray's little friend they loved each other, I loved sanitizing wipes.

This was a very big cow!!!

Makray and Grandpa are the best of friends.