Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Ten Month Pics

Since Mak's pumpkin pictures were SO cute we decided to go get some more..... so here are a couple more cuties if i do say so myself

These pictures make Makray look so sweet and innocent.......... which is not Mak in real life here is what the real Mak does on the side.

This is Makray at his best....... He has all he wants out of life.... fried chicken. mashed potatos, cole slaw, a few good and plenties, and two liters of dr. pepper. He is happy.... he has enough to eat.
This is what Mak does when he hasn't gotten all he wants and enough to eat........ he goes potty in grandmas crock pot.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ten Months!!!

Wow a whole month gone and NO posts. Well not a lot has happened.... We are love loving Pocatello and our new home, neighbors, ward, and school. We are even loving this new weather. Makray is now TEN months and I just can't believe it. He is starting to walk a bit, he has wanted to try for a long time and every time he has stood up I have plopped him back down. He is such a busy boy I wasn't encouraging him to walk, but now that he has hit the ten month mark I decided I would let him learn. I imagine he will pick it up in the next few weeks, or at least I hope it takes that long, I am scared that I will get him out of bed from his nap and he will just run off. Mak and I visited Burley for almost a week and had a blast. Makray's very best bud is Grandpa and Grandpa's dog. It kind of hurt my feelings a bit, because Makray just didn't want to do anything unless it was with grandpa. But while they were playing me and my mom managed to shop, visit friends, clean and catch my favorite ballet. We also managed to get Mak's ten month pics too........... so here ya go!!!

The toilet is Mak's fave.