Friday, January 20, 2012

Tractors and Checkups

We have had a really busy and great week. Mike and Marsha took the boys for a couple of days and David and I really took advantage... staying up late and going out to dinner. It was a lot of fun for David to have some time to give 100% of his attention to Violet... and she loved it.
Also this week Grandpa Clyde was in town on Potato Business, so we of course went to see the Tractors at the Ag expo! Always a treat!

Pretty impressive wheels!
I was feeding Violet and an older gentleman came to sit with his. He said "there is nothing about you two that fits in a place like this!" I smiled and sat Violet up just in time for her to let one of her VERY MANLY Belches... Our new friend said "Oh, now you fit just fine!"
The boys just went crazy surrounded by all the MAN TOYS!
Also this week we had Violet's 5 month checkup! I was really shocked to find out she only weighed 11 and 1/2 pounds. She seems to grow every minute and I was sure she was beginning to catch up... so for now she is in the 8th percentile and we just love our tiny little bean!

Every day I watch her and admire her strength. Our hearts just haven't healed from her time in the hospital. I look at these pictures of her covered in tubes and needles and am so grateful that she is with us healthy and strong!

A few things about our little miss:
1. She sleeps 13 hours at night and is FINALLY getting the hang of naps!
2.She loves eating everything EXCEPT mixed veggies... of which she loves spitting across the room
3.She is crazy about Makray (as he is about her) he loves teaching her to spit raspberries, blow bubbles, and smack her lips.
4,She is about sitting up by herself
5.She demands everyone's full attention and loves to look at herself in the mirror! (true girl)