Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Embracing the Pink

Our house has under gone quite a transformation over the past couple months. It has been hard on us all having to witness all the pink and fluff come in.... but emmett by far has had the hardest time. Emmett is what i like to call a horse of a boy. My 35 pound soon to be two year old enjoys only the manliest of activities, it is pretty typical to find him hanging from his bunk in his underwear... the only thing unusual about this picture is that he appears to be fairly clean.
Emmett hates anything pink... for months he has gone about the house chucking anything and everything that looks girly. He will often come in to sit in my lap while i work on my various projects, anything fluffy or made of tulle literally makes him nauseated he will leave the room gagging.
But lately.... he has given up his past issues and realized that much of this pink stuff is soft and cuddly!Some of the pink is kind of fun to play with.

And some of the pink is really quite fashionable.

Regardless of the changes... we are all looking forward to our sisters arrival and are at last accepting the changes coming.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Are Still Here

So we are still alive.... It has been far far far to long since i have updated... and honestly i don't know where to start. So i am skipping all our summer pictures for now and going straight to the most recent. I did the boys pictures the other day. We got a few good ones. Here is a small PREVIEW.
On another note.... I ran into a friend the other day who was SHOCKED to see that I was VERY VERY VERY pregnant... and it hit me that I never really made an announcement on my blog. SO yes we are expecting a beautiful baby GIRL in just a few weeks actually... we are very very excited. My pregnancy has been really aweful... I wish i could describe it any other way... but I can't. We have had to work so so so hard to keep this little girl from coming to early and now that it is finally coming down to the end..... I know she is going to make us wait. She will be worth it!