Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yes!!! We are finally here and I have to admit the ride wasn't pleasant. We began the week not knowing if we had a place to move or not. This gave me severe heartburn. First we had the house then we didn't then we did then we didnt. Then we did, but couldn't move for a few more weeks. Then we lost it all together again. This is how it went up until Wednsday night.... when after many tears and stomach aches, and not knowing where we were going to live or what we were going to do.... We finally got the ok to move in! So Thursday and Friday Makray and I packed the house and cleaned. I say Mak and I because David.... happened to have orientation in Pocatello those two days and couldn't help. So it was just me packing and Mak unpacking and destroying. Because of the hectic days prior... I had a migrane that lasted three days. So we packed in the dark with no tv or music. Poor mak... at one point I laid on the kitchen floor and listened to Mak shredding paper (probably important documents) and bang his sippy cup on the wall. We packed and made trips late into the night clear into the early mornings. FORTUNATLLY I have a wonderful mother-in-law. Who rescued me!!! Through David's many parties and events, through trucks breaking down, through school starting in the middle of it. We managed.... and my migrane did finally go away and we again use light. Thanks to Ainslee and Paul.... who must have sensed we were completely without help and stopped by, and Tyson and his freakish strength. We are now happily in our lovely home. Makray is in love with all the extra space, I am in love with my new washer and dryer, and David is enjoying school. PICS SOON!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Because Makray is constantly coming up with something new....... here are a few!


1. Baby food jars do actually break. Grocery people please don't bag all 100 jars into one bag.... it is unpleasant when the bag breaks and the jars and FOOD shatter everywhere.

2. While at my in-laws I left Makray happily watching Elmo and ran up the stairs to switch laundry loads, I came back to find Makray sitting at the top of the stairs...... WOW who knew he could figure out stairs in thirty seconds.

3. One night after I put Makray to bed I heard this HORRIBLE banging noise coming from Makrays room, I peaked in to find him STANDING UP in his crib shaking the sides hard enough that the crib was rocking and hitting the wall.

4. As I got use to the CRIB shaking ritual every nap and bedtime..... I recently heard a new noise... I peaked in to find Makray literally swinging from his mobile. After he got it ripped from thin air.... he ate it.

5. I walked into the living room to find Makray pulled up to the couch standing with one foot on top of the wipes box and the other foot swung up on top of the couch..... CLIMBING??? seriously? Am I totally losing it or did he manage to scoot the box of wipes over there too?

6. To go with my sixth shocker I think it is appropriate to mention that Makray has six teeth.

7. While cooking dinner Makray managed to pull a ten pound bag of pancake mix out of the cupboard, it exploded everywhere.... he then spit up into it and began squealing and hitting the floor making a nice sticky dough...... all before I could pick him up.

In conclusion.... Makray is keeping me busy. He destroys everything....I was so excited when he learned to crawl and am now devastated because it seems as though he is already bored of it and is trying to learn to walk. oh well at least he is happy!

Here are a couple of Maks 7th month pictures..... (rough drafts)

This one is my FAVE.... I think it brings out some Makrays best features!