Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Week of Pain!!!

Well we have had another busy busy week. Mother's Day was fantastic. I got to go shopping and pick out some fun new, skinny/not pregnant clothes, David made me a delicious breakfast, and my father-in-law made a dutch-oven dinner. It was a great day; unfortunately, it started out with EVERYONE really sick. First Mak came down with a cold which I quickly caught, then he got PINK eye, which fortunately no one else got. Makray recovered a couple days later, I assumed that's what would happen for me, BUT no such luck, David and I ended up getting a cold/sinus infection/stomach flu cocktail! It was horrible!!! I knew it was awful to be sick, but it is a whole different story when you have to hold a baby AND puke into the toilet at the same time! A couple days later, I was hurrying to get things together to go on a day trip (still sick), and I walked right into Makray's Jumparoo and broke two toes! OUCH!!! That makes 6 breaks for my pinkie toe and 4 for my ring toe! The week ended much better than it started, when we went on a float down the river with Grandpa Mike! Makray HATED his life jacket, he kept acting like he was drowning and trying to swim out of it! Other than that, he totally loved it, it was a really warm, beautiful day and he loved the water. The day ended with me getting stung by a BEE, what a painful week! Ready for fishing, dressed up in my CAMO!!! Thanks Aunt Jody!

Makray was not realy happy about his life jacket, but considering it was the worst part of the day it was not to bad!

Mak and I hung out in the air conditioned truck while Grandpa and Dad worked on figuring out a strap..............for an hour hehehe

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bear World!

We have had such a fun week, I am in love with this nice weather, and even more in love with a baby happy because of the weather. The best part of this week was our trip to Bear World!!!! I know it is cheesy, but it is my absolute favorite place to go, we go on the big opening day and get community cards. With cards you can get in for less than going to a movie. My parents came with us this time YEAH! It was so fun, I was so nervous that Mak would have a mental break down, or puke on the bears, but he was so happy. He was just excited to be out in the warm weather looking at new things.

I do not know why, but birds always want to attack my son. At the petting zoo all the chickens ran from everyone except my kid.

Things just get busier all the time, I love being mobile. Everyone always asks me if I am sad that Makray is growing up and not a tincie baby any more. Yes, I am, but in truth, I love him more everyday. I love to watch him learning new things, I love that he giggles so hard it until he cries, I love that he is determined to figure out how to move, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that he sleeps through the night! So I miss my newborn, but I love my messy face baby, except he does puke horribly....does anyone have any suggestions. (probably not since I have tried everything)

I really wanted one of these slings before I had Makray, I thought it would be the handiest thing, then I had this nutty child who HATED being carried like a new born and always had to be up looking around. But now that he sits up really well he enjoys being carried in it, this way he can watch what I am cooking and hope that it is for him.

Makray eats anything and everything, this is carrots. He isn't crazy about them, he prefers pears or apple sauce, but he downs everything, even green beans which I personally hate!

Makray hates being bothered while he is eating, when David started tickling him, Makray gave him the finger. HEHE