Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Holiday Season

Happy Birthday to MAK

He started his day with donuts for breakfast.
Hot Dogs for lunch
He requested a ball cake so i did my best.

Mak had a great birthday, i can't believe he is two already.

On another note... emmett is doing SO good. He is finally gaining weight well and is growing and eating like crazy. I started him on solids a few weeks ago, it is obviously early but he holds it down better than milk and he loves it as you can see. He has been sleeping through the night for about a month and a half, i put him down at 8:30 and he wakes up smiling around nine. He is still tiny tiny, but he has a huge personality.

We have spent a lot of time with cousins. We went and saw cannon and carters band performance and makray was amazed he yelled and clapped the whole time, and his cousins were awsome
Robison Christmas Party

This is Sisi on of Maks best cousins. They hold hands and jump around all day.

We had to do a quick pic because mak enjoys standing NEAR santa but this was just a little to close for him.
Christmas Day

There were ten little boys at Christmas and we were covered in boy things, they all got little skate boards and jammies on christmas eve.

This was the best christmas EVER. Makray was so excited and happy. Everything he opened he hooted and hollered and even callaped in excitement it made me so happy.
See what i mean about excitement.... who is that excited about Potato Man as mak calls him.
We took a walk in the woods for fresh air.
And burned all the extra wrapping present.

Buds forever.
A walk on the frozen river. We found deer tracks, bunny tracks, and lots and lots of little boy tracks.
Swim Party
my little dare devil

Emmett Loved the pool
We tried out the water wings and mak did great. He was so glad to be free in the water with the big cousins.
We had such a fun holiday!!! Thank you Grandmas and Grandpas and cousins for making life extra wonderful!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Mak

My top ten Favorite things about my little two year old.

10. I love that people always assume Mak is at least three because he is enormous.
9. Mak prefers grown ups to children. He hated nursery for the longest time because he really hated the children haha.
8. I love that whenever Makray says "excuse me", it always comes out "boobies"
7. Mak has a million nicknames for David and I dont know how he came up with them. Dadzilla, Dadin, and even for a while he called him Edna.
6. Mak sleeps in until 9 most mornings
5. Mak is a miniture Dave, i dont see david a whole lot and i miss him, but fortunately i have a litte Dave all the live long day, and that makes me happy..
4. He talks nonstop so i am never never lonely on long days.
3. Whenever he does something bad that he knows he will be in trouble for(ex. pull down the christmas tree, put a dvd in the video player) he always comes running to me at full speed and the first thing out of his mouth is "I LOVE YOU MOMMY"
2. He is the best big brother in the world, he protects emmett when kids take his toys, he always shares his treats, and there is no one in the world mak loves like he loves emmett.
1. I love Mak because he is Mak and there is no one else like him

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Way Behind

Thanksgiving at my parents was a blast. We went to utah and of course visited cabellas
I like this picture because mak and dave look like twins both equally interested in the bunny

Mak was way impressed emmett was not... haha
We had a swim party where we did our best to protect maks cast... we failed
Notice the plastic bag covering maks arm... filling with water
Tractor ride with papa... Maks very favorite part.
Cousin LOWE came clear from Arizona
Mak likes to make emmett wear everything, poor emmett is already the picked on little brother.
We went roller skating at our ward party it was a blast. Makray looks like he is doing really well but he was NOT a good roller skater.
The classic what is going on face... Emmett was an even worse roller skater.
Like usual mom is enjoying the childrens activities WAY more than the children
In case any of you are curious i am a WAY better roller skater than dave.

Dave and his three on three championship basketball game that they WON!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

So we were having one of those weeks that just wouldn't end. But on Saturday things were looking up, Emmett was holding food down, we were all on the mend from a ferocious cold, I had gotten a few hours of sleep and both boys were in for their naps. Things WERE looking up when i heard a huge crash followed by Mak screaming. He had attempted to climb out of his crib..... a first for him, and had fallen out and broken his arm. What a bummer.
This was the cast he had on for a few days before they put on his new super cool blue one.
His gorilla got a cast too.
Mak was so brave and so good, and we were so proud of him. He thinks he is awesome which is good because he has to have it on for three weeks.
We love our little boys even if they are falling a part.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Raising Another Super Baby

If you have ever met Makray... you have probably seen him demonstrate his feets of strength. He is always showing off and Emmett is following his brothers example. The bad part is our recent doctors visit showed that along with Emmett's sever Gerd and troubles holding down his food he has LOST weight making him as quoted by doctors "failure to thrive." It breaks my heart and is a constant struggle, however as the pictures show he is a tough little bugger. He is the most pleasant little baby I have ever seen cooing and smiling and even laughing as of every chance. He is pretty tough despite his 8 lbs 4 ounces and has been rolling over for a few weeks and holds his own against a wild big brother. Friends and Family have takin to calling him BIG E and we love him all to teency tincy pieces.

I absolutley love this face... he makes this little cross eyed face when he gets overly happy or excited he just cant focus when he is this happy hahaha.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What we've been up too

I do not condone the killing of innocent animals but dave is really proud so wait ago davie!!!
Mak was totally obsessed with the deer we had to keep a good eye on him because he would try and sneak kisses... he spent so much time with it that while i was bathing him i found a tick in his hair. I almost bit my lip off trying not to scream and fortunately i got it off before it killed us. I was frantic and mak just kept laughing at my reaction and wanted to keep the bug... i saved it in a cup to prove to dave that i was not crazy and that it was time to dispose of the deer remnants.
Mak talks and talks more everyday... sometimes i think i am going to go crazy.. but it is fun to here new stuff such as.."emmett hold jesus darnit"
Mak had his little nose pressed on the window all day it snowed... he kept saying snow i love you
My bestest best friend in the world is getting married on saturday so we had a fun girls night out... holy smokes the break was much needed.
Mak is a great baby sitter... here he is wearing his howdy partner cowboy hat, and reading emmett a calander... and yes he is naked from the waist down.
It is no secret that i am totally exhausted.... but fortunately emmett is sleeping through the night most nights now... and makray is so much help(actually he is almost two and completely exhausting but he tries really hard to be helpful so i love him)