Sunday, September 18, 2011


Emmett turned the BIG 2 yesterday, it has been a whirl wind of a month and it was so good to stop and take time out for our big kid. It didn't take him long to figure out the whole wrapping paper thing, he was chucking paper over his shoulder before we knew it.Emmett's very favorite present!Grandma and Grandpa brought a pinata and the boys had so much fun beating it to pieces!I am terribly embarrassed about this cake but it made Emmett SO happy, he loves piggies.Emmett did exactly what you would expect a nearly 40 pound two year old to do... as soon as we finished singing happy birthday he leaned down and took a bite out of his cake!This is just a bonus pic... emmett at last has forgiven me for bringing home a baby and has decided to love her now.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home at Last

It is really hard to believe that Violet is already 2 weeks old. After spending 12 days in the Nicu the fact that she is ours to keep is just sinking in.
This is violet still at the hospital but with no tubes or oxygen for the first time... it is my favorite picture because I had been up all night praying she could stay off her oxygen and come home... I took this pic right after my favorite nurse came to tell me I could take her home in 15 minutes!!!On her way home! .... also i made that car seat cover... just to toot my own horn!
David has an issue with the size of her bows.... I really don't care hahahaTwo of my three favorite boys.... Mak is so awesome with Violet. I love watching David have a daughter...he brought her home the cutest pinkest fluffy princess nightlight last night... I am kinda in love with that boy!There are no words.....hahaha

Friday, September 9, 2011

In Case You Haven't Heard....

Yes! Little VIOLET CLAIRE KENNEDY came into the world on August 31!!! After 5 days of labor... no i am not kidding... 7 shots of terbutaline, tons of pills and a round of magnesium (that was both horrible and unsuccessful) oh and did i mention a changed due date of OCTOBER 2..... our little girl insisted on meeting us 5 weeks early. Her tiny little lungs weren't prepared to breath on their own. This is her at her very worst.... yes i hate this picture... but it is our life for now.
She is already in love with her daddy... and who wouldnt be... he is the baby whisperer!
i have practically camped out at the hospital. We are so greatful to have Grandma and Grandpa, Mike and Marsha have had the boys for ten days now and i am certain they are exhausted; but it has been a tremendous blessing, for me, that the boys haven't had to feel our stress.Violet is both sweet and sassy... she loves snuggling and is happiest being held... she is sure to let EVERYONE know when she is hungry and pitches a pretty impressive fit! We are in love with her.... she is doing well! We are hoping to bring her home oxygen free in the next few days... I keep telling David (and Heavenly Father)that Sunday is my limit but we will see!!!