Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday Little Makkers

I can't beleive how time flies, Mak is already six months old as of today. As of last check up he is 17 pounds and in the 95% for his height. He has two and 1/2 teeth and knows lots of fun tricks, our favorite as of late is whistling. Mak is such a good little boy and i am probably the luckiest mom in the world. I love his giggles and grins... and lately his big wet kisses. Mak is such a determined little boy and he amazes me everyday with what he can do. He wants to crawl so badly and gets so frustrated, because the best he can do is scootch backwards, but he is always ready to kick back and play or wrestle. I love Makray more than anything in the world, we are so blessed to have him as a part of our family, I live for every new day and surprise with my little Makkers.

This is probably a little over the top, but we were so excited we had to throw a little party. Pizza and cupcakes.... mostly smashed into our clothes but still good.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Big Fat Trip

Well I haven't posted for weeks.... and that is because we have been gone for that long. A week in Denver, a week in Burley, and a week in Island Park, we are finally home my house is a mess, the laundry is overflowing, and there is nothing to eat... not to fear.... I know what's important, I sat right down to blog. First....

I am so proud of my big brother Preston. We went to see him graduate from the Air Force Academy and get married. He married the most adorable girl and I love her to pieces. It was the best feeling in the world to sit with my parents and both my brothers and their spouses in the temple. We were lucky enough to fly to Colorado... Mak was amazingly good... he didnt fuss or cry, he flirted with the flight attendance and drank Dr. Pepper. He got to go on a hike with his dad, grandpa and two uncles.... the girls were busy getting manicures/pedicures. It was great!!!

Me and Mak then headed to Burley to help with the Burley reception. We love grandma's house. We got to stay up late every night and party. Mak loves my mom and kissed her all day while I painted their living room. My parents have a puppy the same age as Mak and they became best friends. We were sad to say goodbye to grandpa... but really excited for our next adventure.

Island Park
Our final destination was my in-laws beautiful cabin. Preston and Lisa came up with us.... or maybe we came up with them... either way we crashed their honeymoon. Again we stayed up late every night eating candy, we are seriously going to have a sugar low in the morning. We went to Yellowstone of course, Mak really didn't care for the animals or for the geysers but he did like watching everyone else enjoy them.

WHEW...... what a long vacation Mak updates are,.....
In the middle of all of this Mak decided to spring THREE teeth on me, it put a damper on things as you can imagine, but he was a trooper. Mak is now sitting up and I couldn't be prouder, he is really working hard on crawling, he gets so frustrated, and it usually results in a somersault, he just can't seem to get going once he is on all fours, however he did learn how to scoot all over the apartment going backwards.... I dont know if i am happy or sad. Oh, and his curls are coming back!!! My poor little bald baby is finally getting his hair back. I love my little boy so much.... through teeth and trips, hotels and strange houses, he slept through the night for every bit of it. I just smooched all the pictures together... I am lazy.