Monday, March 19, 2012

Our New Family Member

This is our new family member. Makray and Emmett lovingly named our Bearded Dragon BATMAN! He is 18 inches long, green, and poky. The little boys LOVE him. One of their most favorite cousins has a bearded dragon and they both have been begging for one for a while!

Now for those of you who say..."Whitney doesn't seem like much of a lizard person!" You couldn't be more RIGHT! I consider myself to be a pretty agreeable person and David and I see eye to eye on just about everything, but, I flat out said NO to our little friend coming to live with us not once, not twice, but three times... and I stand firm on my no snakey, scaley, slimy things in our house. I am not quite sure how it all happened... but the boys (especially David) are very very happy, so what can I do!!

Now on to some pictures that don't give you the creepy crawlies!
We have sure LOVED having David home so much. We don't know what to do with our new life and no school. We have spent a lot of time enjoying the spring weather. Violet LOVES riding in her stroller, which is shocking since she doesn't LOVE many things!
Ok... she loves a few things! Like Makray...
and her bouncer... (if everyone is clapping for her)
and her toes.....
and bathes!!!! (with suckers) hahaha!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Half

Oh how time flies! Violet is 6 month old and upon Mak's request we did have a little party for her!

I made her these little shoes... ok i make her a pair to go with every out fit but these are my faves so i had to blog 'em up!

Ok so I do this thing... i celebrate every tiny moment in my children's lives.... so here are ALL my kids on their 6 month birthdays!!!
my super baby! Crawled a week later. He was a little demanding but SUPER adventurous)

EMMETT (My BIGGEST baby! He was so laid back and easy going. Never fussed or cried)
(My intense baby! The day she was born she was whisked off to the NICU, so i didn't really get to see her. My doctor came down while i was in Recovery and told me I had a "very intense little girl!" My heart skipped a beat, because like all mothers I was looking for the words HEALTHY baby.. but that wasn't in our deck of cards. But, intense is what she was. She screamed like no other baby.. which was shocking since her lungs were not functioning. They put her as far away from the other premies as possible... apparently she disturbed them:)! That is still her personality. She is intensely happy, intensely angry, intensely sweet, intensely sleepy. What ever she does, she does it all the way!)
The boys made her the cup cakes! Pink of course (with sprinkles)!

A few things about my girl!!!
-She is a whopping 13 pounds. Which puts her in the 8th percentile and 3 month clothing:)
-She enjoys having EVERYONES full attention.
-She is both my happiest and angriest baby! She laughs and smiles more than either of my boys did... but she howls more than double the boys combined!
-She is crazy about her bathes she love to play with emmett in the tub!
-She has made our lives full!