Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick update and Cute Pics

Time flies and things are going really well. Mak is really into singing right now, he loves to do all the fun signs. Right now his faves are patty cake, popcorn popping, and eensie tinsie spider. He is so good at the signs I don't expect him to learn words or tunes, but it sure warms the heart to wake up hearing his little humming coming from his room. He adores being outside and it is a HUGE downer to have all the blizzards and snow. Mak continues to be our sunshine even on hard days. Dave just had his spring break... which he spent most of the time working, but we did sneak in a few fun dates. I am now about 14 weeks pregnant and feeling so much better... i am acutally thinking i am going to survive.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Weekend with the Cousins

We just got back from the funnest weekend. All but a few of the cousins and all the sisters (on Dave's side) got together for a great weekend in Logan. My mother in law got us hotel rooms and we spent the night and morning eating candy and swimming. It was a blast!

On our way to Utah. Mak watched his Einstein Movies and ate snacks the whole way up we hardly heard a peep from back there. And yes that is a black eye, not the first and probably not the last.

We Couldn't get Makray out of the pool he played for hours and hours.

Plummeting to his death....but still smilingHere we got most of the 15 grandkids and grandpa... some are happy and some are NOT.
Being a Daredevil
You know this look can't be good. Mak has no fear of water we had to watch him every tiny second because he would bail right off the side without a care in the world.He was so warn out he could hardly keep his eyes open. Dad had to keep him propped up on a beach ball, but he still just wouldn't get out. Here he is at ten o'clock watching cartoons with the big boys! Notice he is eating healthy haha
Crashing at Golden Corral

A quick update.... Mak is nothing short of amazing... at least to us. He knows all his body parts from his hair to his toes. He adores animals and can point to anything you ask him about and can make a dozen different animal noises (especially snorting like a pig in the middle of sacrament) I am crazy about this stage, I love that he loves to do anything he sees, even if it is mimicing me throwing up. Dave is closing up his first year of Pharmacy School and there isnt a better student. I am so proud of him, he gets amazing grades by studying all hours of the night, but makes sure afternoons are reserved for me and Mak. As for the current Pregnancy, still kind of a drag, but i am feeling a lot better, and am just so excited to see the new little spirit Heavenly Father sends us.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm Going TO BE A.....

That is right!! We are so excited to announce a new little one is coming to our house the end of September. That makes me a little past ten weeks and to tell ya the truth we have been better. I have been pretty sick and miserable, but fortunately I have Mak and David for support. Makray knows the drill and is so patient with me. I spend most of the day and the entire morning in the bathroom and he is so good to brush my hair, flush the toilet and read books. Any how it is a price I gladly pay... We are just so THRILLED!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mine And Mak's Day of Fun

Every Tuesday, David heads up to Idaho Falls to work. He leaves before Mak gets up and comes home after Mak goes to bed. So to compensate for our loss, Makray and I generally make the best out of our tuesdays. The regular Tuesday consists of us staying in jammies all day, eating on the living room floor while watching movies, baking tons of goodies, and occasionally painting each others toenails.
Today we.....
Played Hide and Seek
Mak loves to hide, every once in a while I will be somewhere in the house and I will hear Mak yelling "HIDE HIDE HIDE" that is my cue to search for him and usually i walk in to find a little bum sticking out of the pillows.

Climbed on and Jumped off the Dining room table which is typically a NO NO
Cooked delicious Cinnamon roles
Makray is a surprisingly good help with cooking.... he loves helping and he is pretty good at pouring stuff in and is a true Kennedy because he is an expert bowl licker.

Drank our own Bath water
This is actually Makray's drowning face... because he didn't think the cup was full when he put it on his head

We laughed at our silly shower hair in the mirror Read some of our favorite books
But mostly we just Laughed a Lot

Makray is growing so unbelievably fast. He talks really well and shocks me almost daily with a new word he has picked up. He is the sweetest little boy, he is so loving to almost everyone he meets, he teaches me something everyday. I truly can never thank my Heavenly Father enough for sending me one of his most precious little spirits.