Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ok I got tagged like a month ago... and I should be blogging about David's graduation BUT I don't have the pictures yet and what is a blog without pictures so HERE IT GOES!!!

1. Makray
.... this is rather broad... but I love so much about my little boy I couldn't narrow it down. I love watching him grow, I love watching him attack his food with all his strength, I love watching him destroy everything in my house and I love watching him find new corners of his world (aka of our apartment.)
2. Being with David. It doesn't matter what we are doing I love being with Dave. He is the funniest person I know, and i love just being when i am with him.
3. My family. I adore being with my family. Dave's or Mine. I love playing games, watching movies or just talking. I could never have imagined the joy my family would bring to me.

Makrays joys include dum'dums
3 Fears
1. Being a bad mom/wife.
I think this is a constant struggle for every wife and mother so enough said.
2. Snakes.... i am not a big fan. When i was little my brothers shopped a snakes head off and it still snapped, and one time my dad turned over the sheep trough and like a million snakes came slithering towards me and I ran as fast as my four year old little legs would carry me. I thought I was over this fear, then I stepped on one at the nature park and I still got the same body convulsing shivers.
3. Pilgrims...... I know this is a weird one..... BUT I have always been afraid of them. Not the Mayflower Indian greeting Pilgrims per say... But the witch-hunting deranged Pilgrims. I was always sure that if i had lived at that time i would have been drowned immediately. I am not joking about this one either.... i really HATE Pilgrims.

3 Goals
This one is really good, because lately I have been doing a goal a week thing so I have plenty.
But they are small and pathetic..... just as a disclaimer .

1. To bed by 11 and up by 7. David and I have this really bad habit of staying up until two o'clock in the morning watching Office/Seinfeld episodes. Makray doesn't get up until like 9:30 so I also have a bad habit of not getting up until he does.... I know I am truly pathetic.

2. Run three miles every morning.

3. No soda, fast food, or candy......OREOS are acceptable

3 Obsessions
1. Blogging
(obviously) Yes I am embarrassed to admit it....... BUT I love to blog
2. Biggest Loser
3.Plucking my eyebrows

3 Random Facts
1. To go with the eyebrow obsession
.... If i was not obsessed with plucking my eyebrows..... I would have a uni brow...Thanks for passing that one down grandpa!!!!
2. I sleep walk/talk. This one is really awful. I do it several times a week and for sometimes several hours at a time. I have taken showers, eaten, watched tv, you name it I have done it. I am so sorry David and I love you for the lack of sleep you get each week.
3. I am unbelievably afraid of the Disney Cartoon of the Headless Horseman. It all started on a very long and terrible Halloween night when I was six..... there are a lot of details that I don't have time to write, but after that night me AND the dog slept with my parents for weeks, and when ever I even hear the music to that movie my stomach turns.

3 people I tag
1. Shantay... because you don't blog enough
2. Savannah....because I miss you
3. Nicole..... because I know I can count on you to do this

Anyway... Mak updates
Makray is a PRO at crawling he is all over the house opening cupboards and tipping over garbage cans. Also it makes me horribley sad and frightened but he has started pulling himself up to everything he can which means lots of bonked heads. He has learned to clap and wave bye bye. His new favorite is clearing his throat whenever we do and fake laughing. He fake laughs which makes him laugh for real, it is hilarious. He loves splashing in the water and being dunked no matter how cold, he is currently cutting his top four teeth all at once which is way unpleasant for the both of us and seems to never end, but he is toughin it out!!!! Graduation pics coming SOON!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Go Mak Go

Little Makray CRAWLS!!! We are so excited for him.... he has wanted to get around on his own since he was born and now every day he explores a little more. He is currently working on getting OUT of the living room and into the kitchen which will probably happen this afternoon at the rate he is going. It isn't a real pretty crawl I have to admit... for some reason he thinks he needs to stand on his feet to get going. But anyway he is getting so big. He had his first dose of ear infection this week... and he is getting yet another tooth, so that has been pretty rough.

Makray and I spent another week in Burley and had a blast. We played in the water every day. Mak absolutely loves my parents dog, and she is so good to let him pull her ears and poke her eyes. My dad taught Makray how to click his tongue and every time Mak saw Grandpa he would start clicking like crazy, it was endearing..... until he did it all night long! I hate sharing a room. hahaha.

For the fourth we went down to Idaho Falls like everyone else. I was nervous the fireworks would scare Mak or that he would fall asleep and miss them, but he played and giggled with his cousins until the fireworks started, then watched wide eyed and smiling, he loved them and only missed the last ten minutes when he fell asleep. Grandma was just to snugly I guess.

I can't believe we will be moving on soon. David had an awards breakfast this morning. I am so proud of him. It always amazes me at just how good he is. He gets straight A's, helps clean the house, he's Maks very best friend, and cooks Sunday breakfast, I usually feel pretty stupid around him, hehe. We are so excited to for him to graduate next week, and excited to be moving on! Dave you are awesome and I love you to pieces!!!

Makray likes to be right in the action of his floating jungle, I always tell him that sitting that close to it will ruin his eyes but he doesnt listen.

This is Markays favorite pillow. He likes to lay on it, sit on it and eat it.