Monday, December 26, 2011

Holly Jolly Christmas


Violet got her very own pillow pet... she rubbed her little face in its fur and just cooed at it.

Mommy was TOTALLY lovin all over Santa.... Mak wasn't impressed... we have such a good daddy no one even guessed!!!

What are two brothers for.... this is far less dangerous than the activities my brothers forced me into!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Kid!!!

Makray turned 4 years old today... I can't believe that when we moved to Pocatello we had just one little baby and a long 4 years of college ahead of us... We now have three kids and just weeks left of school. Today was such a wonderful day... and though i am sad to see Mak growing so quickly it is a lot of fun watching him turn from a toddler to a big kid!
This is Mak's very manly doll house... hahaha it is batman's house! It includes many shooting devices, batmans motorbike, and a jail for bad guys... it is amazing!!!
Makray wanted a pirate birthday... so here is my attempt at a treasure chest cake!!!
David got Makray his very own binoculars... he is really excited to take them to yellowstone this spring!
It was a bit chilly outside... so my dad braved the pinata on a broom... Papa took a few good whacks to the knee I think.. but he was very brave!
While I was putting the boys to bed Makray told me "Mom I can't close my eyes I am just so happy!" So i think it was a really good day!

Ok so I guess I am the only one who can watch this over and over again and still laugh... but if you have a second.. watch this clip and smile!

Mak Vs. Pinata