Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend at the Cabin

Well it once again has been far to long since I have updated. I will try to do better... but I say that every week! For conference weekend we all went up to David's parents new cabin! It was tons of fun and so nice to be together as a family, which is so hard to do these days.

They have what they call a ladder, that the spawning fish can swim up and researchers can do... their thing? I guess... anyway it was fun for us. The little boys got their sticks out and life was the greatest.

Anything Mak does... Emmett has to do too!

Even though Emmett isn't quite as good at it....
Emmett made a move for the water every chance he got. It was 80 degrees that day, but I am guessing the water was still pretty cold.

We played on Grandpa's razor every chance we got. Makray loves his rides, no one gets around without him. He rode until he fell asleep... see the movie!