Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bear Attack

So... here is the long awaited story. So we went to Bear World. We love Bear World we go as often as we can, it is always really fun, but uneventful. BUT this time! We were attacked!!! We were driving through the park, Mak was in the car behind us with Grandma and Grandpa. David, Emmett and I were happily filming the bear who had come right up to Mak's window, when we turned the camera to witness what was coming towards us. As a big fat bear began climbing on our car bumper.... we thought it was pretty funny, the climate of our car was happy at that point. But then the bear climbed up onto our hood, and then he began scratching and licking our windsheild. At this point it was becoming less and less funny, when he climbed up onto the roof.... and began to bounce. We heard creaking and cracking, as well as me screaming "get him off, get him off!" Finally a man came and poked the bear with a stick until he got off. We ended up with scratches and dents all over our car as well as a destroyed sunroof. However it was worth it... I guess!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Going through Yellowstone (vacation part 2)

We went through Yellowstone. It was a lot of fun... but it was even more freezing. The little kids were SUCH troopers, bundled up in at least a couple jackets they hopped out of the car at every stop.

Mak didn't take his hands out of his pockets for almost the entire trip he was so cold... here Raquel got the outside of the jacket and Mak got the inside.
Best Buddies.... with the BEST VIEW
Emmett has learned to give loves and kisses... Mak is really the only one who enjoys the slobberfest.

ahh... precious
Thumbs up after a successful pee on the tree.

Mak at the end of the trip...........
and e at the end of the trip....... is that chocolate or is that poop....... its chocolate.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Schools Out for The Summer Vacation (Part 1)

Well Dave's school is finally out and so we celebrated with a little vacation. Dave's little nieces came all the way from Virginia to visit so we had tons of fun. Mak just couldn't get enough girl we all loved every minute of it.

We went to Mike and Marsha's Cabin in Island Park and of course we had blizzard.
We saw lots and lots of animals with our way awesome bignoculars.

We learned all about girl stuff, mak is now well educated in princesses, purses and general fluffiness.
We had so much fun with the little girls they are so adorable and fun. Mak loved them to pieces. They were so sweet and loved helping out with baby emmett...which will come in handy with their baby brother that is on his way.
Mak... Natalya..... Raquel .... and E hanging out and keeping warm watchin movies.
We had a lot more adventures on our vacation that we will post soon!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tinisha's Wedding

ok so this is kind of lame....... considering it is David's Niece's wedding and i have no pictures or her. HAHA but we did have tons and tons of fun with all our little cousins and thanks for the good time and sorry for the lack of pictures to the lovely bride and groom.