Friday, July 9, 2010

Our 4th Celebration

Get ready for an overload of pictures... we had the funnest 4th maybe in history. This year we surpassed our usual Melaleuca Fireworks and opted to visit some family in Salt Lake, and I'm pretty sure we won't ever stick around Idaho Falls again, we had so much fun.
Mak and E are lucky enough to have some of the BEST big boy cousins in the world, these are 9 of his most favorite people and they were all there except one, WE MISSED YOU CANNON
We went to a little canyon just outside of Salt Lake.... it was so beautiful
The only picture we got with everyone looking. (and not crying)
My sister in laws and mother in law (i'm the blonde one haha) Everyone has complaints about their in-laws, but i don't have any about these three. I always wanted awesome sister-in-laws and these two are as good as they get. We had so much fun shopping and playing with our boys.
I'm a little bit in love with the bond my little boys are already forming. Yes and that IS the worlds biggest marshmallow.
Emmett showing off, I was dreading the day when emmett learned that daddy is just so much fun, and I would get bumped from being the center of his world... that day is here.
This is Nixon showing off his rock collection and Mak, equally proud of his candy collection.

My recipe for the perfect 4th, lots of little boys, good food, and plenty of fire!!!
Snapits rock Mak's world.

This picture pretty well sums up our weekend, just look at mak's face when the first fire work went off.