Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

It was Makray's birthday sunday! He turned the BIG 3 and boy do I feel old. He has been waiting a long time for this day, so it was sure exciting.

So this is Mak's Mario cake. He has always loved mario, it took 2 dozen cupcakes.... if anyone wants one please come get some!!!!

Emmett was really excited for all his brothers presents!

Emmett got a pillow pet as well. Thank you grandma Marsha the kids have been dying for a pillow pet for months.
The big thing Mak got was a tool station.... I woke up to the power drill at 7 a.m the next morning and it has hardly rested since.

It was a great day!!!!

These are a Few of my favorite things!!!

Better late than never...at least that's my theory. It was Mak's Bday on Sunday and i am more than a little late. However, I wanted to make sure that I jotted down some of the best parts of Makray's long gone terrific twos.

1. You are practically perfect in every way. You are well behaved. You go to sleep early and wake up late. You eat all your food regardless of what I feed you. You love to play. You love to smile. There is nothing more I could ask for in a little boy.
2. You are my little perfectionist. You spend a good part of your day cleaning and organizing. Your brother terrorizes you by mixing up your bins and dumping out your toys. You sometimes have to hold your breath and ball up your little hands to keep from exploding when your things are in disarray.
3. You started out your twos being pretty shy. You stuck to my side for the most part. Nursery was hard for you. You always told me the babies in there were loud and stinky. But recently you have become a little social butterfly. You say hi to everyone and yell "merry Christmas." You love all your buddies and can't wait for primary.
4. You make me laugh all the time. You come up with the craziest things to say.
5. You love being a big kid. You gave up diapers more than a year ago, and now you are awesome at getting up at night to take yourself potty. It is great to have such a grown up boy.
6. You have the most incredible sense of smell. You can sniff out anything stinky or sweet. Your number one quote is, "Hey i smell something!"
7. You are sweet to everyone. You like to make people happy and take a lot of pride into showing kindness to others. You are always more than willing to give up toys and candy to others.
8.You are my bubble boy. You love having lots of friends, but boy do you hate kisses and hugs. It takes a lot for mommy or daddy to get a kiss from you. You don't like to snuggle you just don't have time for it.
9. You are my little wrestler! Boy do I love having someone to wrestle with. You are pretty tough and you are always yelling "say uncle say uncle!" you usually win!!
10. Best of all you are the greatest brother. You take such good care of Emmett, always watching over him and keeping him safe. You put his needs before yours, you are such an amazing example, I know E will be a good boy just like you because he watches you and the good things you do.