Monday, December 26, 2011

Holly Jolly Christmas


Violet got her very own pillow pet... she rubbed her little face in its fur and just cooed at it.

Mommy was TOTALLY lovin all over Santa.... Mak wasn't impressed... we have such a good daddy no one even guessed!!!

What are two brothers for.... this is far less dangerous than the activities my brothers forced me into!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Kid!!!

Makray turned 4 years old today... I can't believe that when we moved to Pocatello we had just one little baby and a long 4 years of college ahead of us... We now have three kids and just weeks left of school. Today was such a wonderful day... and though i am sad to see Mak growing so quickly it is a lot of fun watching him turn from a toddler to a big kid!
This is Mak's very manly doll house... hahaha it is batman's house! It includes many shooting devices, batmans motorbike, and a jail for bad guys... it is amazing!!!
Makray wanted a pirate birthday... so here is my attempt at a treasure chest cake!!!
David got Makray his very own binoculars... he is really excited to take them to yellowstone this spring!
It was a bit chilly outside... so my dad braved the pinata on a broom... Papa took a few good whacks to the knee I think.. but he was very brave!
While I was putting the boys to bed Makray told me "Mom I can't close my eyes I am just so happy!" So i think it was a really good day!

Ok so I guess I am the only one who can watch this over and over again and still laugh... but if you have a second.. watch this clip and smile!

Mak Vs. Pinata

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sickies and Snuggles

Today I was making Violet a bottle and listening to the boys play with her in her crib.... when I suddenly hear a very disturbing phrase...."Emmett, hold her arms down so she can't move for a second." Well as you can imagine I practically flew to her rescue... and this is what I found.
Giant Dora band-aid
Surprisingly... she really didn't mind, she was smiling and talking away. Apparently she had an ouchie... I could barely make out a scratch but I am grateful that Makray is on top of things.

We have been sick for the longest time... as soon as we get rid of something someone else gets something new and we pass it around. We have made the best of it and have enjoyed laying around watching Christmas shows!
Watching our Christmas movie... violet looks like a creepy little doll next to frosty.
Makray is my right hand man... he is always under foot ready to help with Violet. In all honesty he is a lot of help, he will hold Violet for hours... he is great at finding her binkie for her and she thinks he is the funniest guy in the world.. whenever I can't get her to smile he can!

You may be wondering where little Emmett is in all these snuggles...
He prefers his pig...
In sum... we are great. Violet has reached a Whopping nine pounds at her 12 week check up... she smiles and kind of laughs... and most importantly sleeps !!!TEN!!! hours at night. The boys are feeling better and are looking forward to a visit from SANTA WHOOHOO!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Tonight I was folding clothes... and looked over at Violet who was happily kicking her feet and watching her little hands and she just looked SO much like Makray... that I had to snap a quick picture.
So this is little Violet in a rare dressed down (no bows not sparkles no tulle) pic. She is 10 weeks old 8lbs 10 ozs and cute as a button!
Here is Makray he is 4 weeks in this picture and about the same size... probably slightly bigger than his sister is now. They have such the same little personalities... and are the best of buds. Whenever me and emmett have just had it with Makray's non-stop talking we send him to play with violet. She can listen and play with him all day... and he adores her.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hoppy Wee O Ween

What a great Halloween Weekend we had. We went to party after party and had such a blast. It is always so fun to watch our little kid's reactions to all the Halloween crazy. The boys loved seeing people dressed up and decorating the house, and the pure joy that every door that opens offers candy. Every house we went to Mak would yell "Happy Halloween!" that would quickly be followed by Emmett's "Hoppy Wee O ween!" It made me smile every time! David had a very rare night off... and stayed out as long as the boys wanted to trick or treat... which was pretty late.. Mak wouldn't be satisfied until the neighborhood was cleaned out.
These are a few of Mak and Emmett's best buddies... the little Dorthy is quickly surpassing me as the most beautiful girl in the world in Mak's eyes.

Our church Church Carnival... they won best Costumes... which made ME so proud... because I made them haaha.
The witch isn't my child... they just really love her!My tiny little piglet... she took Halloween like a champ...
Such cutie pie kids!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Miss Violet's Big Day

Sunday we had Violet's blessing. It was such a wonderful day spent with great friends and family.
Violet wore my dress from my blessing which was pretty neat, we had to make a few adjustments to it since she is so tiny and i was apparently a fatty!
Proud parents!!! David did such a great job her blessing... I just love seeing him with his little girl.
Four Generations, Great Grandma Robison and Grandma Marsha
Little girls are just the funnest... we didn't put on her dress until last second.. because she is a puker... but i loved this picture of her in her tiny little tights and little bracelet.

I made her these little shoes, they are little ballet slippers. My little nephew was helping me get her ready with all her fun little accessories and he said "Violet is everything a little girl should be" I thought that summed her up pretty good!
This might be horrible... but it was all Makray's idea... he keeps us all on the ball making sure Violet is never without her bows and bracelet on. I think he feels that is the only thing that makes her a girl and he wants people to know it is HIS sister.
I thought this was a funny picture... I walked in the living room to find Violet being safely guarded by Rudolph...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dave's Deer

Friday, October 7, 2011

6 Weeks and Counting

Well little Violet is 6 weeks old... which by adjusted age makes her 1 week old... ya i don't get it either. Anyway we took her into the doctor for a check up this week. She is doing WONDERFUL!!! I thought that she was getting SO big... so i was surprised to find out she still only weighed 7lb 5 oz. That put her into the 2nd percentile. So she is tiny.... but with a big personality!
She is a pretty good baby... but by far my worst sleeper... i am SO exhausted... by slowly she is getting better and i keep telling myself just a few more weeks and she will be sleeping through the night.With the cold weather so came the uggs... yes i know what newborn needs uggs... but they were so fun to make that she has several pairs hahahaha.
Makray would hold violet all day long if i let him... this is his expression in response to trying to take her from him... he LOVES his sister... plus he is pretty bossy.
Emmett is still getting used to having another baby... he loves to hug her... but is pretty unimpressed with her.. he feels that she should do more cool tricks... i'm sure she will in time.
We had David home for a VERY rare couple hours the other day... don't you love how well attended to the little ball of pink is! hahaha The boys were all a little occupied by their gaming!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Emmett turned the BIG 2 yesterday, it has been a whirl wind of a month and it was so good to stop and take time out for our big kid. It didn't take him long to figure out the whole wrapping paper thing, he was chucking paper over his shoulder before we knew it.Emmett's very favorite present!Grandma and Grandpa brought a pinata and the boys had so much fun beating it to pieces!I am terribly embarrassed about this cake but it made Emmett SO happy, he loves piggies.Emmett did exactly what you would expect a nearly 40 pound two year old to do... as soon as we finished singing happy birthday he leaned down and took a bite out of his cake!This is just a bonus pic... emmett at last has forgiven me for bringing home a baby and has decided to love her now.