Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

We were lucky enough to spend the weekend with my parents in Burley where it is always a party.
We started off with a big easter hunt at the hospital... my first warning sign should have been there was five adults to every toddler.... Out of about a thousand eggs my boys ended up with two each. The parents there were very scary and aggressive, adults took eggs right out of our hands... so some people ended up with hundreds... and some of the more behaved people ended up with nothing. hahaha.... however... my boys are easy to please and were glad with their two little eggs.

Fortunately the easter doggy was there to soften the blow...

We drove out far out of the city to have our annual hot dog roast. Nothing makes little boys happier than an open field, tractors flames and marshmallows.

Papa and the boys filling a drill with seed.

Ahh.. yummy sticky marshmallows.

Of course we colored some eggs. Markay is very good at it... He is always so excited to help Grandma Jill with all of her "projects" as he calls them.

The finished product that Mak so generously donated to our potato salad and deviled eggs.

What's easter without newborn baby lambs. The boys love headin out with papa to see the lambies.

The boys cleaned sure cleaned up and our Easter was closer to Christmas.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

OUR California Adventures

This is a major blog overload I just couldn't resist putting in every single picture I did. We were lucky enough to spend our Spring break in not so sunny, but sunnier than Idaho, CALIRFORNIA. We got to spend some fun time with David's fam, and did every activity in the book. Including: A day in each.... Disneyland, California Adventures, San Diego Zoo, and Sea World.

Emmett was crazy about the characters, we were shocked since we had such a bad santa experience. He was one of those kids elbowing other kids out of the way to get his turn.

How tired do you have to get to find this comfy?

The highlight of our lives hhahaha.
We waited 1 hr and 50 min to ride dumbo, but Mak had seen this ride on the internet and it was the one ride he felt he would die if we didnt get to try.

So happy that we are gritting our teeth and have a bit of the shakes... if you know my boys at all you know this is classic joy.

Mak was screaming "Shamu, Shamu!!!" as loud as anyone else in the park.

This was so exciting to feed the sealions, even though a bird tried to steal our fish. Mak told me his favorite part of seaworld was "When mom punched that bird who tried to steal my fish..." Yes no one messes with my babies so look out... hahaha.

The beach was a cool 54 degrees, but my boys BOTH bailed right into the ocean. We were so shocked... we had to run in and fish them out... Hence... Mak is running around in his underwear and emmett is wearing my sweatshirt.

It was such a LONG week, but the boys loved every second of it. There were no tears over long lines, or complaints over missed naps. They handled 14 hours of disneyland like PROS!!! It was so much fun and totally worth every sore foot and back to take them.