Monday, February 20, 2012

Its the Most Boring Time of the Year

I look back at all the posts I have done this time of year every year... and I realize that we are always up to the same thing... NOTHING. Like every February we are just waiting out spring and new fun stuff. So here is just an overload of pictures of us just hanging out. It is mostly for our Grandma and Grandpa who are away for a few months... we miss them terribly and want to show them how much we are growing!!!

We did have a fun Valentines Party with a few of our favorite friends. We are really grateful for good friendships during these long dreary cold months! I love this pic... because if you look close Emmett isn't even bothering to decorate he is just diving right into the cookies!
This is Kennedy ... Makray's true love. He more than adores this girl.. and when she told him that today was "I love you day." Mak didn't skip a beat in his reply "but Kennedy, I love you everyday!"
Emmett like always the dirty disaster! But so happy!
You can call me out all you would like on what is proper to feed a baby.. I REALLY could careless since a spoon full of pink frosting makes this girl oh so HAPPY!!!... Plus why should she miss out when there are 6 other little kids covered in it!!!
Our cousins from Arizona came to visit... which is always fun. I would like to note... there is nothing wrong with little Lowe's eye.. they were being pirates of course!

Our other little cousin Kingston... He is just three weeks younger than Violet...they weren't great friends yet but someday they will be!
This is one of my favorite pictures! Violet has made pouting an art form!
Some times we all play together really well... other times we don't ALL enjoy it... (again ....artfuly pouting)
Mak and Violet continue to be the best of buds... something i am really grateful for. Three little kids is messy and it is such a blessing that Violet thinks Mak is hilarious, and that Mak loves nothing more than to sit and play with his sissy!
Fun times in the tub! Violet loves taking baths... and I got to hand it to her... she seriously risks her life every time!
Happy sweet little kids!!!... these are long days.. but we are glad they are happy ones! We are so looking forward to the next step in our life. We are grateful that David was offered an excellent job in Boise starting this June. Words cannot express how proud of him I am. He has worked so hard for so long to make sure that we are all taken care of... I am so excited to start a new life with him in BOISE!!!