Friday, September 24, 2010

Emmett's Big Birthday

Emmett had the best first Birthday. It was a weekend long celebration, with several parties and a lot of cake and icecream. Nothing is better than summer days spent with friends and grandparents and big boy cousins!!!Good morning birthday boy. I had to throw this picture in... Emmett is the one and only morning person in our family. This is how Dave and I like to wake up in the morning. He is always full of giggles first thing in the morning and loves to snuggle, which helps us morning draggers feel better about our day.

Mak was definetly more excited about the presents than Emmett. We had a little jealousy, but nothing to serious.

I am super proud of this cake, it was huge and used 32 cupcakes. Emmett has loved elmo since he was about three months old. Wherever we go he points out every elmo. I made this cake the day before his party and I had to protect it from my boys with my life. They were so sneaky. Thanks Brit for your vast knowledge and supplies for awesome cakes!!!!
Emmett thought we were a little crazy, but Karly and Mak and of course ME knew just what to do!
This is Mak's good buddy Talissa, they are on a little cupcake date.
Digging in... there was no happier boy there than Emmett... he had three cupcakes in one sitting.

We are still cleaning up red frosting, and they boys are still slightly pink.

Friday, September 17, 2010

10 Things I Love About You

Happy Birthday Emmett
This is him showing off his new trick, that he is ONE!!!
Okay here are my top ten.................

1. You are HUGE. Not fat, not chubby, not rolly. Just Flat out HUGE. My shoulder will no doubt need surgery in 10 years because of your hefty 25 pounds i carry all day. But it is worth it, because you are a horse of a boy, and its a whole lot to love.
2. Along with that, I love your appetite. I am going to have to start measuring your food in take in pounds like a zoo animal. I love to cook for you bud, because no on appreciates it like you do.

3. I love that you like me best. I had to put up with Mak being a daddy's boy for to long. I am proud of my mama loving baby!

4. You are gross, and it may be the most charming thing about you. Little guy, you stink, literally all the time. You are always covered in goo, and you are always letting them rip. You are flat out nasty, and it is so "stinking" adorable.

5. Like your mommy, you appreciate your sleep. It is awesome! You like cat naps, you like long naps, and you are always more than willing to go to bed at 7 oclock.

6. I love that you are such a good brother. You are crazy about Makray! Your third word was Guk, that is what you call Mak. The first thing every morning you want to do, after a good snuggle, is wake up your brother.

7. Like I said up top, you like to snuggle. You are such a physical little kid. You love with kisses, hugs, bonks, and occasionally the loving bite. You love me to hold you and kiss your toes and your fingers. It is a great end to a long day.

8. Sometime it is hard, but I love the fact that you don't do anything until you are ready. You are a little behind in doing everything, but i found the more I push, the harder you fight. When I was trying to get you to crawl, you would lay on your back and growl at me. One day I quit trying, you saw something you wanted, and off you went. So bud.... you walk when you feel good and ready!!!

9. I love your humor. You are such a ham, you love making people laugh. You like to pull funny faces and make crazy noises. Lately you like to crawl with your eyes closed just so people will laugh when you run into the wall. You also think it is hilarious to sneak up on people and bit their toes or legs. You sit back and laugh when they scream

10. What I love the mostest about you is your sweet little spirit. From the moment you were born you have been quiet and reserved. You hate to bother anyone, or make a fuss. You are always pleasant. You are such a joy to have in our home.