Monday, September 10, 2012

Violet's First Birthday

Violet turned 1 last week.  It is so hard to believe she is all grown up.  Well alright she isn't grown up at all... she is still just our cuddly little baby who has no desire what so ever to grow up, she still prefers to be packed around like an infant which is fine with me.

She has come a really long way from the tiny little preemie who couldn't breath on her own

Violet's baby doll.  Violet loves babies, real or pretend. 

A few things about our one year old.
-She is very very very sassy!  She makes me a little insane, she loves attention and is furious if anyone else is getting some.  She knows what she wants and will figure out how to get it.  Usually by screaming.  She is very flirty and quite the charmer.
-She is a champ when it comes to eating.  She has quickly moved from the 1st percentile to almost average.
-She loves her Mak Mak.  They continue to be close buddies... and when she is really upset with mom (which is regularly) she always pouts to Makray.
- She has no desire to walk... she will just pick her feet off the ground when you try.
-She says mama, dada, kitty kitty, doggy, cheese, Mak Mak, baby, num num, her most favorite MINE!!!!
- She is beautiful and perfect in every way and she rules our household.  (while i pull out my hair)