Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Good Days and Bad

Makray has been really busy lately. Last Tuesday I was coming down the stairs and watched him attempt to jump rope his sisters blanket, his feet went out from under him and I heard a SPLAT! He wasn't really crying and I figured he was ok, I told him to lay down on the couch and I would check him in a minute. I got sissy's blanket and went upstairs to put her to bed. When I came back down, Mak seemed pretty calm and I asked if he was ok...that's when I saw blood dripping down my couch. I flipped him over... and there was his chin BONE. He had split his chin WIDE OPEN. So after I gave myself the WORST MOTHER OF THE YEAR award, we ran to the emergency room.

Ten stitches later... he was feeling pretty good.  He was such a trooper.  He was calm the entire time, and held my hand while they sewed him up.  He was really surprised when they were threw that the Doctor used a fish hook to sew him up hahaha.
Also Makray got to go to his first day of preschool this week. (stitches and all)  He has been so so excited for so long, he felt like this day would never come.  His daddy got him a brand new Batman backpack so he will surely be the coolest kid in class.
He did WAY better than mom.  He went in and found his cubby and was relieved that someone is FINALLY going to trust him with some scissors.
Makray grew up over night, and I was truly surprised how horrible it felt. 


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